Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm joining the following for their weekly thrifty parties:

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality
for Monday's Thrifty Treasures


Linda at Coastal Charm
for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays

Yard sales around here are usually hit or miss with more miss than hits. On the last two weekends this is all I've found.

First, the plate.
I buy souvenir plates when I see them if they fit my criteria. They must be either blue & white or red & white transferware; I must have visited the place; and they must be really cheap (like under $2). This week I found one from Nova Scotia.

Now onto the quirky finds. You just never know what you will find. Guess that is why we keep going to garage sales. This is a huge wooden cheese box - the kind that cheese was delivered in to grocery stores. Bob grew up in his Dad's grocery store, so we are always looking for store items. Also, I'm a sucker for any kind of wooden box.

Lastly, a poster from a school band room somewhere in Kansas from the 1950s. Our son collects ephemera of all kinds. He has some school room posters that are mostly science related as that is what he teaches. He played the sousaphone in high school, so this will be added to his collection as soon as we get it framed.

Speaking of said son: Today we delivered him to the airport in Denver so that he could fly away to Japan for the summer on a cultural trip to live with a family and work in their orchard. Tonight, I'm suffering from empty-nest syndrome. Now, in my mind, I know he is a grown man, well educated with a responsible job; has traveled extensively and been to Japan before; and hasn't lived at home with us for years. So, why am I feeling this way? The only answer I can think of is "Once a mother, always a mother". Sometimes, it isn't easy to let them fly away from the nest no matter how old they get!!


Shelia said...

Love seeing your finds, Sally! I don't think I've ever seen a cheese box or if I did - I didn't know what I was looking at! :)
Hope your son has a safe and wonderful trip. You're so right - we mothers will always be mothers! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Great finds Sally. That souvenir plate is so pretty, and what a find that cheese box was! You are so right - it's impossible to give up being their mother, even when they have children of their own. laurie

Mimi said...

Sally, that cheese box would be a great piece for plate storage!

Van said...

I love that your son collects school room posters, science posters have amazing, colorful illustrations. Beautiful finds, I love your plate!

SmilingSally said...

Another link, Sally! My son played the sousaphone too!

Sue said...

Sally, I simply love that wooden cheese box! I had a pretty good week finding goodies. Now if I could just finish taking pictures of them all in between cleaning my messy house!
:-) Sue

Marilyn said...

Great finds. Maybe one day the mood will hit me to stop at garage sales. Around here they don't even look interesting from the street.

Summer fun for teachers is a variety of things! Mine in the garden and Japan for your boy! Almost the same thing, right? ♥♫

xinex said...

Lovely finds, Sally. I know exactly how you feel about your son. This morning, I took my youngest daughter and her 2 sons who have been visiting me from FL for over a week, to the airport and I am feeling so sad right now. It is so empty and quiet here. I miss them so much already....Christine

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Sally...

Girlfriend, I think you found some great yard sale treasure finds! I'm like never know what you might find...that's the fun of it! Hehe! Love the pretty blue and white Nova Scotia will make a wonderful addition to your collection! Ohhh...and I love the wooden cheese box! I agree, any kind of a wooden box is a treasure! They're pretty, unique, and make for great storage! Now...I think that the Sousaphone poster is the most unique find of the day! I'm sure that Mike will love it! Ahhh...I certainly can understand the "empty nest" feeling, Girlfriend! I have really been missing my girls lately. My oldest grandson graduated from high school last weekend...and I wasn't able to make it down there! I know that Mike is going to have the best time ever...what a grand experience!!! I will keep him in my prayers though!

Well sweet friend, thank you so much for coming by for a visit! It has been awhile! seems that summer has made it to Colorado! Eeeks...I don't do anything over 80 degrees very well! I hate to admit it but I have already run the a/c! Hehe! Stay cool and I'll talk with you soon!

Love ya,

Kammy said...

Hi Sally !
I love your "old stuff" LOL !
This weather is soooooo hot - I agree :o) Hope the beginning of your summer has been fun !