Sunday, March 11, 2018


I started this blog ten years ago, and called it Salmagundi.  I've always been interested in alliteration, and figured Salmagundi just went with my name --- Sally Saulmon.  Plus, the meaning of the word seem to fit what I wanted to write about --- "a disparate assembly of things, ideas, and people".  I have never been interested in blog statistics, number of followers, readers, and commenters; or growing my blog.  Consquently, I don't have a large audience.  I just wanted to journal some thoughts about our ancestors, our immediate family, the belongings we have been entrusted to care for, and the way as a family we live and love in our home.  
I also discovered along the way that a blog was a great place to chronicle my favorite avocation -- quilt making.  So, I started a second blog in 2011, called Q-Bits, which contains pictures and statistics of my quilts.
At my age, I wonder if I'll ever have anything new or different to write about.  Since I do write about things primarily meaningful to only us, I continue to bore what few readers I have.  Since I enjoy occasionally posting, I guess I'm still in the blog world for the time being!  Apologies to my handful of readers.  Hopefully, our children and grandchildren are still interested a little about the "Salmagundi" of our lives.

When I started "Salmagundi" in 2008, it was a momentous year --- our first-born's 40th birthday, our 50th wedding anniversary, and then my 70th birthday in November and Bob's 70th in December.  Here is one of my first blog posts with thoughts about our 50th wedding anniversary. 
At the time, I had no idea that 2018 would come around so fast, and another momentous year would be upon us.  Now I'm contemplating the 10th anniversary of this blog, our son's 50th birthday, our 60th wedding anniversary, and our 80th birthdays.

Over the last 10 years, I have written a post about each of our kid's and grandkid's birthdays --- sometimes with embarrassing 'little kid' photos.  So, here goes --- it's Mike's 50th birthday this week --- he received his AARP letter a week or so ago.  That really made me feel old!!

It's been a busy 50 years for this inquisitive and studious kid including four college degrees, enough travel around the world to satisfy most, and an unexpected career as a high school math and science teacher.
He has certainly kept his father and I on our toes all these years keeping up with our conversations on education, travel, philosophy, music, religion, and thoughts on life in general.  

2018 started off for him with one of the things he enjoys most -- travel.  He took a long weekend trip to Hong Kong to celebrate the New Year!
Image may contain: night

More travel planned for 2018 --- a trip to Italy and Spain with a group of his students in June.  Then a busy school year fund raising with another group of students for a trip over Spring break, 2019, to Japan.
Happy Birthday, Dr. Saulmon --- turning 50 is a good thing!!
This post wouldn't be complete without a 'little kid' photo.
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Monday, February 12, 2018


It's birthday time again for our grandson, Wyatt; and time to bear with this Grammy as she reminisces.
He has always spent a lot of time at our house mostly with his Papa "making things"!  This kid always has an idea for a project. 
This was one of the first of his ideas.  He was a pre-schooler at the time, and told Papa he wanted to make a 'talking ladder'.  Bob went along with it as Wyatt told him what he wanted.  They dug in the scrap pile, sawed, hammered, and painted. And this is what a 'talking ladder' looks like --
At least a hundred projects followed:

The projects got bigger and so did the kid --
Now he is learning how to make knives under the tutorship of the very patient people at Ren-Ten Kustom Knives.  This is his latest project ----
No automatic alt text available.

But, to be able to work here on the knives, he needed his very own super grinder.  So what is a Papa to do, but buy Wyatt's first grownup-power-tool toy to celebrate his 16th birthday.
He and Papa have a deal -- the grinder stays in our workshop until Wyatt has his own place for it.  (Ulterior Motive: Bob can now sharpen our very dull knives.)  Win-win and they are both very happy with a new toy.

Happy Birthday, grown-up sweet child!

PS:  And Happy Valentine's Day to both of our heart-tuggers:

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Saturday, January 27, 2018


The plot of land half way between my high school and downtown Canon City, Colorado was occupied by the county courthouse, a staid 19th century building.  But, when I returned to live here as an adult in 1979, it had been replaced by a new courthouse designed by architects Nixon and Jones in 1962.  They were inspired by the triangular and linear shapes of the nearby mountains to include triangular motifs in their design.

What continues to fascinate me is the juxtaposition of the courthouse and its neighbor across the street ---- the Presbyterian Church with its triangular spire that was built in 1900.  The two buildings that span over a half century difference in age contain the same architectural triangle motif.

I was first made aware of architectural juxtaposition when I.M. Pei designed a building for the Zeckendorf Plaza in Denver.  I visited it many times and the modern design was stunning against the traditional buildings along 16th street.  I am saddened by the dismantling of the building in the 1990s (in the name of progress??).
Google image of Zeckendorf Plaza
I also loved seeing architect Pei's addition to the Louvre in Paris, the ultimate in juxtaposition!
Google Image of Pei's addition to the Louvre in Paris

Inside of the Pei addition to the Louvre

I was also blown away by the Gherkin Building designed by Sir Norman Foster in 2004 juxtaposed against the gray sky of London.
Gherkin Building as seen from the London Eye
As a quiltmaker, I have always been inspired by my life experiences; in this case, architecture based on triangles.  My latest small quilt is a minor effort at juxtaposition ---- a modern architectural triangle in a traditional quilt setting.
I can never hope to achieve the magnificence of great architects with my limited knowledge and abilities----- 

----- but, when working on this quilt it was fun to relive visits to some great architectural achievements.  For more information about this quilt, check on my quilting blog, (click here).

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I continue to work on organizing the family photos dating from the 1800s to the present.

There are pictures of people and places that I can't be sure who or where they are!

Guess I'll just take a clue from my Great-Grandmother who passed away in 1951.  I found this envelope with a receipt for land payment in her belongings.

No, I can't destroy old photos ---- 

I just file them away for my descendants to process with a note saying, "I did the best I could!"

  Do you just turn a blind eye, throw them away, and never think of them again?  Oh, how I wish I could do that, but Great-Grandmother Evelyn left me a note!

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018


The glitter has been packed away for another year --- most of it anyway!  It's always amazing to me to see a glimmer of glitter on the floor in the month of July; a reminder that Christmas will just be 6 months away again.  
But for now, this:
has been replaced with this touch of winter browns:

It was an enjoyable Christmas.  The grand kids were lots of fun.  They seemed to revert to their little kid ways wriggling and whispering in church plus excited about their presents and what Santa brought in their stockings. They even kept poking at each other, etc. when I tried to get a decent picture of them all grown up.
 and, finally a decent picture ---
 I offered to buy them both a haircut for Christmas, but had no takers.  They are both very independent and don't like for me to mention THE HAIR.  But, I'm their grandmother, after all.

Our son, the teacher/traveler was home for a couple of days. He spent most of his time going to church (3 times in 2 days) and preparing lesson plans for this week's classes before jetting off to Hong Kong for the New Year's long weekend celebrating with other EF tour leaders.
He is back already from a fabulous trip and teaching with jet lag, I'm sure!

I've had a nasty cold/cough --- the perfect excuse to take a nap every day; but looking forward to a great 2018.

May your New Year be filled with blessings.

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Today's the day at the Have a Daily Cup blog for a dish addict's Christmas.  Check it out for a plethora of Christmas with dishes.

I'm definitely a dish addict ---- it's in my genes, as I'm the fourth generation of family women that has collected dishware.  And, being the oldest granddaughter, you can imagine the amount I have inherited.  Add to that the damage I have done buying my own collections.
So,  I can't just put the dishes away to bring out the Christmas decorations ---- I have to just incorporate them.

Since we don't have a fireplace, this dish cupboard does double duty as a mantel.  I love some of my brown transferware to serve as a backdrop to the usual Christmas swag.

My theory is fill anything with pine cones and you have Christmas!

My favorite vintage family ornaments look great in my Great Grandmother's wash basin.
Red transferware is also a nice background for Christmas goodness.

What a novel idea --- using dishes for Christmas dinner ---
 Thank you to my mother, Grandmothers Haines and Billingslea, and Great Grandmother DeLong for entrusting me with their dishes.  I never have to look far for vessels when hosting a Christmas party!
If you look very closely in my house, you might even spy some dishes from a mini-world!
Thanks for visiting my Christmas home overrun with dishes.  

Please check out Jann Olson's blog for more fanatics.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


For Christmas, when I was a first grader, my parents started a charm bracelet for me.  One of the first charms I received were the scissors -- how did they know I would spend every spare moment in my life sewing with scissors by my side?
On Christmases and birthdays, my folks continued to add charms.
The first Christmas we were married, Bob gave me this Christmas wreath.
On my 24th birthday, we bought our first house and he gave me this charm to go with it!  We spent the whole month refinishing floors, painting, etc. getting the house ready to entertain family for Christmas.
The week before Christmas 1966 we moved, sight unseen, to the wilds of Montana.  It has been the only time in 60 Christmases that it has been just the two of us to celebrate without family around.
Over the years, there have been many more milestones documented on the bracelet --- births of the children, grandchildren, and memorable adventures such as the trip we took to Europe to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

Yes, my life has been charmed.  God has blessed us abundantly.
And, I'm thankful.

Have a joyous Christmas.
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