Thursday, July 23, 2015


Moving right along thru summer -- some randomness from July!

1.  This has been a month of "make, bake, and take it".  Do you have those times when it seems that you take more food to functions than you cook for home consumption?  During 2 1/2 weeks time, I cooked and transported a big pot of Italian beef with slider buns for sandwiches; a pan of brownies; yogurt and fruit parfaits; an apple spice cake; apple-butter bars; 2 batches of snack mix for 3 different occasions; a pudding cake; and a peach dump cake.  Before the month is done, I know I have one more potluck occasion requiring a meat dish and a salad or dessert.  I'm certainly not complaining -- food and fellowship with friends is always a GOOD thing even when it is a funeral dinner for an old friend.  Here is the recipe from "The Pioneer Woman" that I use for dump cake -- a staple at our church for funeral dinners; easy and always a crowd pleaser.
Picture from Ree's recipe site
As Ree, herself, says, "Comfort food at its canned and processed best."

2.  We spent a whole week buying a new car.  It just seems to take forever, and all of that car talk bores me to death!  We don't do this often, thank goodness.  Remember we are the ones who still own and drive the Chevy Suburban we bought brand new in 1971.  (That's right -- 1971!!) 
Our 'Truck', a 1971 hunk of steel!
Our main car, a nine-year-old van, decided it wanted to be fed with dollars and not just gas, so it was time to replace it.  After much discussion, we decided to downsize and bought a 2015 Chevy Trax.  To give you an example how excited I am -- my main questions were:  What color is it?  Does it have 4 cup holders in the front seat? And, does it have a hidden place to stash my purse?  I didn't even drive it the first time until three days after we brought it home!  I'm slowly adjusting.
2015 Chevy Trax

3.  Wyatt has grown four inches since Easter.  He eats ALL of the time, so I really have cooked a lot this summer.
Here he is in 2010 when he and his Papa built the tree house.
And now, at age 13, he is pushing six feet and almost as tall as the tree house.

4.  I've been trying to get a little quilting done this month. Check my quilting blog (here) for my progress.  Plus, I've been finishing up the details for the quilt show -- hanging date is less than two weeks away.

That's about it for now.  I'll be back at the end of August after my quilt show is over; and hopefully, return to regular blogging at that time.

Take care!

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Another month has flown by since my sabbatical started.

Here is some randomness from June.

1.  The final reveal of the quilt, "Merry-go-round" (formally known as "The Albatross in the Closet") is on my quilting blog, Q-Bits (click here).  All of the statistics in the making of the quilt are listed there.

2.  With my limited computer skills, I have spent hours (and hours) revamping my quilting blog.  I've added tabs under the header that make navigating easier to find info and pictures of the 97 cotton quilts I have made, my wool projects, and my paper quilts, etc.  Click on the quilt pictured at top of the left sidebar of this blog to take you directly there.

3.  Bob has been working a lot in the garden this spring/summer.  Last November we had a very sudden freeze, and shrubs and trees all over our town were killed.  We lost several large bushes, so it has been major work for Bob and Wyatt to get those dug out and replaced.  We lost two red twig dogwoods in the front of the house.  After they were dug out, I couldn't stand the front of the house (and I'm too impatient to wait for new bushes to grow up!).
One thing leads to another -- we decided to add another decorative picket fence on the left to cover the mechanics (the hose, vents, and sprinkling system box).  It replaced the dead red twig bushes. Hopefully, the barberry bushes will grow up, and we plan to add a yellow climbing rose.  It looks much better.  This Fall the picket fence on the right needs to be replaced to match the new one.
4.  It has been pretty quiet around here this month -- just the way I like it in the heat of the summer.  July appears to be more of the same, but August will be a doozy for us old folks.  I've started a new quilt, and hope to complete it by the August quilt show.  Check my other blog for my progress on it - it is a little out of my comfort zone!

See you next month.  Have a safe July!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Two months have passed on my limited hiatus from my blog, so thought I would check in with May's randomness.

1.  Took a chance to get out of town for a weekend -- our usual destination, Denver.  We saw the '1968' exhibit at the Colorado History Museum. 

What fun to relive the fashions, music, furniture, etc. from that year. 
 But, of course, seeing the documentation of the assassinations, war, and discrimination of the time was sobering.  It was all special sharing the exhibit with our son, who was born in 1968.

2. A trip out of town would not be complete without some antiquing and junk hunting.  My radar is always up for brown transferware, but the prices are slowly inching up beyond my comfort zone.  I think over $100 for a single piece (in spite of any wonderfulness) is too expensive.  Bob always tells me, "They have it, and you don't!" So guess they can ask what they want for it.  
However, I did find this piece which is quite large.
 Don't have a clue what its intended purpose was.  Any ideas? It almost looks like it needs a lid, but there is no indication of a ridge to hold one.  It was in my under-$25 budget and interesting, so I bought it.  It has a kite mark, but the date symbols are blurred.  I'm sure it is from the 1880s, as I'm familiar with the pattern, "Brazil" from G. W. Turner & Sons, Tunstall -- I already have a plate in the same design.
For now it is holding a pile of antique linen dinner napkins.

3.  Caitlin and I spent a couple of afternoons working on a photo display board for her high school graduation party. 
So hard to narrow down 1000s of pictures taken over 18 years time to just a few -- she has always been so cute!
4.  High school graduation has come and gone.  It seems all her school years have passed by so fast.
 Caitlin is happy.
Grammy is sad.
I was a blubbering idiot at graduation, and took a bunch of horrible pictures.  This was the best of the lot of her with her cute boyfriend after the ceremony.  Thank goodness there will be an official picture forthcoming of her receiving the diploma (with honors) taken by the professional photographer during graduation.
5.  One of the reasons (see here) for my sabbatical from the blog is finished.  The name of the quilt has now officially been changed from "The Albatross" to "Merry-go-round".  
If it ever stops raining, I'll take it outside for a photo shoot to have for my records with the final reveal next month ----
Still a lot of work remains to get ready for the quilt show in August.  And, we are also tentatively planning a trip to Washington state in August.  Plus, we just found out our house will be on a local benefit home tour at Christmas.  I foresee some new projects in our future in preparation for the tour.
Thanks for enduring this long post - it's been a busy May.  
See you next month!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


I have been on my sabbatical (read about it here) from my blog for almost a month now, and thought I would check in with some randomness from the last month.

1.  On March 23rd, Bob and Wyatt went fishing.  The next day, it snowed.  Then we had more snow this past weekend! Springtime in the Rockies.

2.  Caitlin participated in our local Blossom Day pageant - a great learning experience for the young girls in our community.  Beautiful, as always.
3.  Went to my favorite old bakery (40 miles away) where we got our wedding cake 56 years ago and have shopped periodically since.  Was greeted by a security guard.  What's with that?  Granted in the past, I've seen some little old ladies argue over the last few remaining bread sticks.  The goods are that wonderful, but a security guard?
4.  Easter weekend came and went.  We had our usual teenage Easter egg hunt (involving gift cards) and family celebration dinner on Saturday.  I cooked for two days, and they devoured it in 20 minutes.  Sunday was church for the real celebration, then a few leftovers and a nap.  (I just realized that Wyatt had on the same clothes egg hunting as he did fishing -- oh, a teenage boy's wardrobe -- hope they encountered the washing machine in between!!)
5.  Bob and I checked out a new antique(?) mall in the area.  It is located in an old furniture store, and they have done a great job in the renovation.  The floors, mezzanine railings, and handrails are beautiful, but the booths were filled with 1970s and yardsale stuff.  We were disappointed.
6.  Prom was this past Saturday for our local high school.  It rained, snowed, groveled, the wind blew, and it was cold.  The traditional photo shoot was difficult, but we managed some photos of the cute couple.  She wanted to wear her Blossom Day Pageant dress again - it is really beautiful on her!

Yes, the corsage had lights!
7.  The reason for the sabbatical -- taming the albatross.  I've been hand quilting hard and furious trying to average about five hours a day.  It is going well, and I have fallen in love all over again with this quilt.  I would quilt 10 hours a day on it if arthritic fingers and shoulders didn't stop me!
I'll try to check in again next month.  

Monday, March 23, 2015


I've been giving a lot of thought recently to the future of this blog.  Here are some thoughts ---
London Eye, 2008
I started this blog on July 22, 2008 after a wonderful 50th wedding anniversary trip to Europe.  I had been lurking in the blog world for sometime, and thought that maybe there was something in our 50 years of marriage about making a home and living and loving life that was worth sharing.  Also, I thought of it as a way to journal our lifestyle for our descendants if in the future they were interested.  Thus, SALMAGUNDI, was conceived. 
I've always been fond of alliteration; and my name, Sally Saulmon, and Salmagundi seemed to fit.  One of the definitions of Salmagundi is "A disparate assembly of things, ideas, and people."  That was what I wanted my blog to be.
It's been a journey as my computer skills were lacking (still are!), and finding a niche in blogland for my style was daunting and elusive (and still is!)  But here we are at Post No. 556.

Oh my, we have things!  And I have blogged about hundreds of them.  We have been antique and junk accumulators from the beginning of our marriage.  And, we still enjoy the hunt and incorporating them into our home; but have slowed down considerably.  There is simply no more room in our house. 
Christmas 2014

I'm a thinker -- I over-think and try to solve everything within my sphere of influence.  Just ask my family.  However, I'm not an intellectual.  If I can't control a part of the situation; I, unfortunately and regrettably, don't give it much thought.  Therefore, the ideas on this blog are rather shallow.

I have had amazing Colorado pioneers in my family that worked long and hard to pass on the lifestyle I've been fortunate to enjoy.  I have blogged about several of them and the belongings they have entrusted into my care.  And, of course, I've had a husband for 56 years who has always supported me both emotionally and financially to allow me freedom to do what I wanted.  We raised two amazing children that have endured their own hardships and struggles, but have come out on top.  We've been blessed with two adorable, absolutely wonderful grandchildren.  But, how many pictures of "The Beauty" and "The Cutie" can my blog readers endure?

That leads us to the present ---
I'm to the point that I'm almost blogged out!
I'm thinking a sabbatical is in order -- not just a couple of weeks, but possibly six months. 

I have obligated myself to a one-woman quilt show in August; a retrospective of my 65 years of making quilts.  And, I have been thinking that a retrospective really should require that I finish the albatross quilt in the closet.  
My First Quilt (1950) and The Albatross (2015?)
 The albatross has been ten years in the making; but with arthritic fingers and declining eyesight, I've struggled with finishing the hand quilting.  I love this quilt, and it deserves to be finished and exhibited.
So, I figure if I devote 4-6 hours each day to working on the albatross; I can complete it by the August deadline.
I have decided to concentrate on that feat.

I plan to remain on facebook and pinterest, and regularly check on my favorite blogs as I can't break my computer habits so easily.  I'll be at church every Sunday morning, and hopefully increase my prayer time at home. Then, there is always the cooking to be done, and the need to dust all this stuff occasionally -- my least favorite activities but necessary.  Just as we have for 30 years; every Wednesday morning will find me with my girl friends having coffee/tea, eating, complaining, laughing, and solving the world's problems.  
And, there are still good books to be read.
Bob and I will occasionally be out there searching for that perfect piece we don't need for our home.  And, I will be running interference into the kid's lives.  As the Countess Violet on Downton Abbey says, "It's the grandmother's job to interfere."
And who knows, I may experience something blog worthy and occasionally pop in here at Salmagundi.
But, for now, a very tiny hand-quilting needle and an albatross in the closet is calling my name.

 My plans are to return in September to resume blogging regularly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


A ring of posies for those who are celebrating Spring ---- I'm still hoping for more Winter, so I appliqued them on 100% wool.
I made this pillow last week from two thrift store skirts -- both the black and the gray plaid skirts were from Harve' Benard (by Benard Holtzman).  The 100% wool was so soft -- my needle just glided through the fabric.  The reds and rusts were scraps from previous projects.
I've never used a variegated thread for embellishment before, but thought I would give it a try.  I like using #5 Pearle Cotton, and bought this variegated thread in two colorways at Hobby Lobby.  Not sure yet how I feel about it.  Guess it does add a little dimension.

I've started working on a table runner using my wool plaid scraps.  It will take me some time to complete; however, it is not going to make a dent in my fabric stash!

Happy Winter/Spring!!!!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015


It's birthday time here again.  Our first-born turns 47.  How did that happen so soon?

He has been bright-eyed and inquisitive since he was a few weeks old.
10 weeks old
However, he did flunk out of pre-school for expressing his opinion and knowledge a little too frequently!  Does that surprise anyone who knows him?   Homeschooling was in order until he could attack kindergarten.
2 years old
From then on there was no stopping him from loving to learn.
First, there was high school graduation, then a college chemical engineering degree, then a master's degree in chemical engineering.  As if that wasn't enough --  then another master's and a doctorate in biochemistry were earned.  It got a little old going to graduations, so we all missed the last two (thus, no photos).

He finally found his niche -- teaching high school math and science, plus sponsoring the International club at school enabling him to travel the world with his students.
Happy Birthday, Dr. S.  
 You continue to enrich our lives immensely. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I like to have some handwork to sew on in the evenings while we watch TV.  After all, we can't miss 2 hours each week of Antiques Roadshow, many reruns of NCIS, innumerable episodes of American Pickers, plus the unending sports programs.  And how can I forget Downton Abbey; the only night I control the remote!

This has been my project since the first of the year.  
I like something repetitive as my creative mojo has died by evening; and I also like something that gives me a few week's work without switching gears.
You wouldn't think that an 18-inch pillow would take two months --- but, it did!

Time for a new project. 
It's almost the TV season for one million baseball games!!!!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


A few weeks ago at an antique mall, Bob found a great old crusty tool box -- one that had seen a lot of use!  After a short negotiation we brought the box home with us.
Some people like to keep things in their found condition; but, Bob sees everything as a project.
He likes to take everything apart to see how it was constructed; polish everything up; repair it; and return it to its original intent.
 Under the grime was unusual handmade copper hardware.  
He figured out that some of the hardware was designed to hold leather straps that were missing.  Also, that the tool box was designed to hold saws.

And to add to the story --- last Fall, Bob was walking down to get the mail one day when he spotted some antique saws in the neighbor's trash at the curb.  He asked him about them -- they belonged to his grandfather, and no one in the family wanted them.  Bob was happy to take them off his hands and out of the landfill!
Now the saws have a home.

Yes, finders keepers!

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Friday, February 27, 2015


I love sewing with wool, but it is very expensive to buy new.  So my best source are the thrift stores, where I find 100% wool garments for $2-$3 each.  Admittedly, it is very time consuming to then deconstruct (removing darts, pleats, seams, hems, etc.); and wash in very hot water; and dry in the dryer to felt the fabric.  But, it is that old thing with me --- more time than money!
I just completed the deconstruction process on this stack of skirts; which then necessitated the need to clean and organize the sewing room to make room for my 'new' supply of fabric.  I was positively giddy playing with all of this wool for several days.
I store my largest pieces in these two big drawers.
 The medium size pieces go into baskets along with my small supply of wool felt (purchased new at a quilt store).
  I store the smallest pieces according to color in plastic boxes then in baskets for easy access.
I don't throw away even the smallest of scraps - you never know when you might need a specific color for a tiny piece in a project.
 All this fun led me to think that maybe I am a wool hoarder.  I enjoyed it so much without even starting a project.
But, then again, having it all clean and organized has me thinking of all kinds of projects to make in the future.  So, maybe I could be considered a wool gatherer.

What do you think? --- wool hoarder or wool gatherer?

PS:  I can't help myself as it is in my DNA.  I come from several generations of sheep ranchers.

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