Sunday, October 10, 2010


Just in the last month or so, I have been seeing wicker-encased demi johns around blogland. In our many years of antiquing and junking, I don't recall seeing one before. Then magically, yesterday we were at an auction, and there was one! I'm usually not very trendy - you know: "a day late, a dollar short" type. But, we won the bid for $5.00. Did we pay too much??
I know nothing about them, but this one appears to have held rum. Does anyone know how old this one might be?

It has some interesting labels.

There is something about the shape and texture that is engaging.

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On Friday last week, Bob and I spent a most enjoyable day with Mary
of Mary's Meanderings and her husband. We have met together several times before, but this was the first time we had visited their wonderful home. This energetic and enthusiastic couple have a lot going on both personally and professionally. They own this huge old house which they are restoring - it is already full of great details and belongings - I can't imagine how charming it will be when they finish. It is a huge job, but they have already done a ton of work. Professionally, they are missionaries and are working in the small town of Aguilar, Colorado to establish a food and clothing pantry to aid these people that live in this depressed area. Not only are they giving these people a hand-up, but are really trying to impact their lives for the better on a personal level. Mary fixed lunch of quiche and soup for us, and served it in their newly refurbished breakfast nook. Sorry - no pictures as we were too busy visiting and enjoying the day. Be sure to check out Mary's blog here, as she always has wonderful, informative posts.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your demijohn is wonderful. Finding one at all is hard and then one with a label and in good shape is even harder. I don't know anything about the age, but you got a steal. They can run well into $100 from the ones that I've seen. You did so good and I love it next to the tray of corn. Beautiful vignette.

I met Mary Ellen here when they came to town to visit family, and she is such a precious and beautiful lady. I'm so glad you had a good visit. Love her to pieces. Hugs, Marty

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh my, Sally...I think you got a steal!! I see them at the antique shops for up to $100 as Marty said! And how fun to spend time with a fellow blogger! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Shelia said...

HI Sally! I didn't know what a demijohn was - I was thinking a small portable toilet! :) It is a lovely piece though.
How nice to get to be with Mary and her husband again. I remember when y'all got together before. She is a dear, isn't she?
Now, Sally, I'm having a blog party Wednesday called Heart of the Home Party. We'll be showing our kitchens and I'd love for you to come. I love your kitchen and I'm sure others would enjoy seeing it. I know it's a tad short notice, but hope you can come.
Be a sweetie,

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

What a perfect find for fall! And the history is intriguing! Lovely decor.

Anonymous said...

Sally I should have shown you my, what you call, demijohn- I had quite a chuckle over Sheila's comment thinking it was a toilet!! She is so silly! I didn't have any idea what they were called either. I cannot even remember where I picked mine up at or for how much but, as you know me it couldn't have been more that a dollar or two!

Oh we had so much fun with you guys too!! THanks for coming and letting us show you our little town of Aguilar that we fell in love with!

bee blessed

Oh and Yes, you must show off your charming kitchen at Sheila's party!!

Anonymous said...

WOW Sally! Great find!

I haven't found one yet.

SmilingSally said...

I'm clueless; I've never heard of a demijohn.

It's fun to meet another blogger, and Mary sounds like a good one to have as a friend.

Check out my book giveaways.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Fab find!! It's in such great shape and with labels too!!

Sherrie said...

You did a great vignette with the bottle, it looks so natural with the pumpkins. I think you have a good find.

bj said...

I had no idea what a demijohn was. Never heard them called that.
Watch for a post I already have in draft, featuring some of these.

Your woven bottle is wonderful. Prettiest one I've seen and no, 'mam, you sure didn't pay too much. I am going to do a little research on it and ones like it.
hugs, bj

Blondie's Journal said...

I have seen demi johns before but didn't know they were called that. It's very cute. I think you got a great deal!!


Sue said...

You got a pretty good deal on your wrapped wine bottle, Sally! I got mine at a huge flea market/extravaganza last month and paid a bit more, but it is exactly what I wanted! And a lot less than I had seen them being sold for on E-bay or anywhere else. $5 was a fantastic price. ~ Sue