Tuesday, June 14, 2011


If you are interested, you may scroll down to read my first post on my recent trip to Germany and France.

On our way to Munich we stopped at Nuremberg, the town that was famous for its association with Nazi Germany's Third Reich and the trials that were held there to determine the perpetrators of war crimes. It certainly has shaken that image, and is now a charming town with the most beautiful fountain in the square.

There was a market in the square with all of the beautiful sights you could imagine, including a flower market.
Vegetables, meats, and cheeses - no one seemed too concerned about the e-coli scare at the market. However, the restaurants that we ate at did not serve any fresh, uncooked vegetables.

I was especially intrigued by all of the white asparagus. One evening, we had white asparagus soup with our dinner - delicious.

Street scenes!

Sushi everywhere including Nuremberg!

I bought a lebkucken cookie (gingerbread, fruit & nuts) at the market for my lunch. Hey, I was on vacation - nutrition out the window! I then went to McDonald's for a Coke with ice and ran into the teenagers -- four days without American food was their limit, I guess. Plus, McDonald's always has clean and free bathrooms!

We all met at the fountain to head to Munich.

On to Munich for my next post!

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Marilyn said...

I do recognize a few people, but after they leave the elementary I don't see the kids very often and they change so much! Our community is also more transient than it used to be. One year I counted the graduates that had been in our first grade classrooms and it was only about 25%. The rest had come some time later!♥♫

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Sally...

Welcome home, my friend! Ohhh my gosh, what a fabulous trip you had! I just finished reading your last post and came back here to leave you a note! I really enjoyed all of your beautiful photos! Ohhh yes...I think I would have loved Nuremburg as well! Isn't that fountain absolutely fabulous!!! And...I love your group picture! It looks like you had just about as many adults as students attend. Okay...I have to tell you...this was the first time that I have heard about...or seen...white asparagus. Does it taste like the green variety? Girl, it sounds like you had some great food while in Germany! That was one of the most fun and interesting things about my trip to Europe...just getting to try all the different foods.

Well dear friend, have you caught back up on your rest since returning home? Ohh my...I can only imagine all of the walking that you did! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us...this is sooo awesome!!! Take care, my friend!

Love ya,

lvroftiques said...

Oh Sally what a wonderful opportunity! I'm really enjoying the tour with you! I've never been to Germany... Always wanted to go...But I LOVE the beer! Lol!Best in the world IMHO. I did have a summer house in Denmark very near the German boarder but never managed to get there!
What is it about the Europeans and ice?? *winks* Or perhaps I should be asking what is it about Americans and ice? haha!! I can hardly wait to get home and get myself a nice tall icy diet coke! *winks* So what may I ask was your favorite spot on the trip? Vanna

bj said...

Oh, Sally, what a wonderful trip this must have been. How great to be there with your son and all the kids.
I really enjoyed your beautiful photos..and am so so glad you had such a great time.
Did Mr. Sally go, too? And, if so, did he love it all like you did?
Welcome home.
xoxo bj