Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm taking a three-week blogging break. First up on our agenda is our 55th high school class reunion in our hometown. The picture below of us was on the front page of the local newspaper the day we graduated - June 1, 1956. I guess we were chosen to be photographed because Bob was the Senior Class President.
Doesn't Bob just look like he is poised and ready to tackle whatever the future might hold? At the time, I wasn't sure I would be part of that future; but things clicked and I've been a part of it all along the way through his three college degrees, his career, our children and our grandchildren.

Then, we have a road trip scheduled to celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary this month. We're headed to Marburger/Round Top, Texas for the antique extravaganza. We hope to come home the very long way through Kansas City to visit friends.
September 7, 1958

I've been working on a couple of large projects for the class reunion, so my house has suffered terribly. I need to find time during this next three weeks to do some deep cleaning and prepare for the autumnal holidays and our family's birthday season. Also, I keep thinking we need to make a day trip to Denver to visit the new IKEA store. That's a lot going on for us old folks!

We thank God for all of the blessings that have been bestowed on us over the years. And, we celebrate with Him each new day that we receive.

As we used to say in the 1950s, "See you later, alligator. After awhile, crocodile!"


bj said...

OOO, these photos are precious.
You and I are the same, or near the same, age...I graduated in 56, too.
We celebrated our 51st anniv. last April...
Enjoy your break, dear heart.
And, so glad you liked that easy bread pudding. :)))
xoxo bj

Anonymous said...

Oh Sally I so enjoyed seeing your pictures!! You 2 are such a cute couple!!
I can't wait to hear about your trip - I know you are going to have a blast and come back with all kinds of transferware!

Sorry I hadn't gotten back about the clothing pantry- We can always use clothing and small household items-Maybe after you get back we can set a time to get together again soon!

bee blessed

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Sally, both of those photos are adorable! What a beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on 53 years! Have a wonderful trip. laurie

Elaine said...

Have a great time! You two are so cute in your old photos.

Anonymous said...

Sally I am a week late seeing this!!

Congratulations on your anniversary and I hope your reunion was wonderful.

Our farmhouse table in the breakfast room was loaded down with reunion projects over the summer, so I know the feeling.

Hope to see you soon and hear about your trip!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Wow!! Happy Anniversary darling! What an accompolishment this day and age. Mr. P and I will be married 34 years in Dec. I know you're going to have a blast in Texas, can't wait to see those pictures.. Hope you get my Nell Hill's at Briarcliff while in the area, would love to meet up with you..
Sally, I think the climatis got a second wind with the warmer days and cooler nights, the bush is gorgeous, only has 3 or 4 blooms lol... Have a fantastic safe fun time.. hugs ~lynne~

Susie Q said...

You two were a beautiful couple...still are!! Happy Anniversary and here's to many, many more sweet years together!
Love and hugs,