Saturday, March 17, 2012


I normally don't have a hard time focusing, but today is a different story.  I know I should just go take a nap, and give the brain a rest for an hour or so.  But, I've decided to do a blog post instead.  DISCLAIMER:  The opinions are strictly my own, and are just the observations of someone that has observed six generations of lifestyles.  My intent is not to offend anyone; I'm a realist and understand that this is just the way things are now. Fasten your seat belts!  I'm all over the place.

There's not much I want to watch on HGTV any more, but I must admit that I'm still addicted to "House Hunters".  I really enjoy "House Hunters International" -- I love seeing the homes in the European countries that I have visited.  But, I always come away from the regular U.S. "House Hunters" irritated.  It appears that a lot of the 20-50 age group want what they want when they want it (like right now); and it is often more than they will ever NEED.  My very own children fall into this group.  I think of them as the entitlement generation.  They are missing the joy of accomplishment that comes after waiting and waiting and planning for something; OR THE SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT YOU FEEL WHEN YOU DISCOVER YOU DON'T NEED WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU DESIRED.   

What could my generation (me included) have done better to raise a non-entitlement generation?  After 44 years of mothering, I now have some ideas; but that's another post.     
Sometimes when I walk into my master bathroom, I think about what those younger people on "House Hunters" would say if they were looking at my house to buy.  "Oh, that master bathroom is just way too small; I couldn't live like that."  OR: "No granite or tile - I don't even want to go in there." OR THE WORST TRANSGRESSION: "Only one sink!  No Way!"  I can kind of understand why an unmarried couple needs two sinks - trust me - it really does take the commitment of marriage to share a bathroom sink with someone for 50-plus years!  But, why does a single person need two sinks? 

I think about my best friend from childhood who raised her five kids in a one-bathroom house.  Years ago, I asked her how she did it.  (At the time, I had two bathrooms and two kids.)  She said that it was no problem.  You just didn't do anything in the bathroom that you could do someplace else -- for example:  reading, messing with your hair or fingernails, etc.  So, seven people can share one bathroom.  I need to ask her, though, if her now- grown children feel entitled to superfluous bathrooms.   When I was a young child, my parents didn't even have a bathroom or indoor plumbing.  I had a potty chair in the kitchen; then when I turned two, there was the outhouse.  But, it didn't take me long to figure out that if I ran past the outhouse down the path a few yards further to Grandma's I could use her indoor bathroom plus get a cookie for my efforts. And Grandma was always so happy to see me.  So much for potty training 70 years ago.  But, I digress----

Back to my tiny, one-sink master bathroom.  It does have some advantages.  I'm thankful that it is 'en suite'; and that when we moved in 14 years ago, we removed the tub ("HH" says, "That's a no-no.") and replaced it with a large walk-in shower.  The shower does have cultured marble, which the "House Hunter" youngsters scorn; but it sure is easy to clean and maintain. 
It also has a textured-glass enclosure which I'm sure (according to "HH") makes the room look smaller; but here again, maintenance is easy.  I haven't missed a bathtub at all.  I suppose if I needed a tub bath, I could walk the ten steps to the hall bathroom. And, there is only one sink in here to clean!!

And to remind me how far I've come, we replaced the huge plate glass mirror with a mirror that hung in my grandparent's home.
To solve the small bathroom storage problem, we found an old large medicine cabinet to use over the stool. 
Plus, we use my grandmother's bedroom dressing-table stool to hold towels.  
It is very functional and all that we NEED.  And the best thing is that this bathroom (and the house and land attached) is paid for, as in no mortgage -- nada.  That's a wonderful feeling in its self.

And, FINALLY, that brings me to the reason for today's post -- to show you my new valance in the master bathroom.  I thought some pattern and softness was needed to counter all the hard edges. 
 I know the "House Hunter" young things would probably say, "It feels like my grandma's bathroom."  That's O.K. -- I'm a grandmother.

I'm not going to join any blog parties this week.  Some posts just should not be on the party circuit.  This is one.

Well, I've tackled HGTV, the entitlement generation, wants versus needs, parenting, marriage commitment, potty training, small bathroom advantages, the mortgage crisis, and blog parties.  Guess I better go take that nap.
After my nap, I will be taking a blog break for a little while to solve the world's problems; but I'll be back at some future time to report how THAT went.


Anonymous said...

I love this post, Sally. You and I definitely think alike.

I had three kids in a house with one bathroom for several years, then we built a home in the country. The kids' dad and I had a small bathroom with one sink and walk in tub. The three girls had a hall bath, with tub.

J and I lived in a tiny house on the farm with no basement (built on a concrete slab), for 20 years. T'was cozy for sure. I was 60 the year we built this house and I must admit...we put things in this house for "resale". I wish we did not have the tub in our bathroom. Would much rather have a large walk in shower. In many ways, I miss those small one sink bathrooms of before.:-) All that said, we appreciate this house because it is something we never dreamed of having. We have experienced it and we are ready to downsize.

No plumbing at Granny and Granddad's until I was three. I remember looking through the hole in the floor, to the cellar when the bathroom was being put in. I also remember my cousin slamming the door on my big toe, just about as soon as the new indoor facility was in working order and that really hurt. Nothing like that happened before indoor plumbing.LOL

I just shake my head at those HGTV House Hunter shows. I like the international ones better.

Mitzi said...

I totally agree with so many of your observations. I enjoy watching House Hunters too, but like you, can't believe how now everyone wants the very biggest and best to start out with. We must have raised them that way. I am in my 60 plus years too and would love to downsize into a smaller house. At my age there is just not a lot I want or need any more. While shopping the other day(which I really don't enjoy), I picked up 4 different things and put them in my cart.By the time I was ready to check out-I had talked myself out of them. Don't need-don't want.
Thanks for your insightful blog today.

Sue said...

Your best post in four years I might add!!
You know my thoughts on "those" people over at House Hunters...How cool would it have been to see two 60 year olds who have been married for 40 years FINALLY being able to buy their dream home for CASH and not walk through it complaining about not possibly being able to live in a place with blue paint on the walls or like you pointed out just one sink in the bathroom...We were all prepared for our speech..."It's got windows"....
I know longer watch HH since they dissed me and the Boss....It would have been their finest show ever...and they blew it...So much for the younger generation....Oh by the way love the valance Grandma.....

Marigene said...

Your observations are what anyone over 60 would say, had you not just said it for us!

I grew up with one bathroom shared by 4 kids and our was mostly pretty easy, we took our turn, didn't dilly dally and everyone was happy. Right now it wouldn't bother me to have only one bath, less to keep clean, seeing it's one of those jobs I am not crazy about!

Thanks for this post, Sally...enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Marilyn said...

And my question is-how do they heat those big houses? There must be something I'm doing wrong...I close off my unused bedrooms until I have company and don't heat the basement, but still have a high heating bill. Plus, I have good insulation! Oh well. Those people always have nice new cars, too. Have you noticed? Hope the nap was a restful one!♥♫

Sue said...

These entitled 20 and 39-somethings do not have vision. They either gripe because the decor is "too neutral" and no one had a sense of color or they despise anything that isn't white. Hello.... my advice to these people is to put a little thought into re-painting and installing new carpet with their own taste in mind! And maybe do a little of it themselves, instead of hiring it out! (oh wait- do entitled children even know what DIY is?)
Oh and the clincher- when they feel justified in paying less for a house because they have to do these "renovations." LOL
I hate watching those shows! HGTV needs to wake up and re-think their show line-ups. I tend to watch the DIY network instead.
Good post, Sally. Lots of food for thought. :-) Sue

Shelia said...

Hi Sally! Yep, you're right about the HGTVers - they just don't have a clue and seem so unappreciative. I remember when we were looking for our first house and didn't have much money - some of those houses were pretty awful and I was just so excited that we were going to buy our first house.
Anyway, I love your bathroom and how you love life.
Enjoy your break and make sure you post how you've solved the world's problems! :)
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

My husband and I cannot watch HGTV silently. We want to know...our these people for real. Who has that kind of money...and why do you care if the kids have their own playroom.
People always just had one bathroomm...IF you were really lucky there might be a the basement - which was unfinished!
I enjoyed this post. Let me know how those world problems turn out...they need somebodies help, that is for sure!!

Chatelaine said...

I guess I'm in the entitlement generation but I did grow up with only one bathroom. I think we got the second one, a half bath, when I was a teenager. One of my friends had 8 kids in her family so 10 in all using one bathroom. They had only one rule, when Dad needed the bathroom and you were in there you got out! They are still a close family.

I enjoyed your post! And I have only one bathroom.

A Romantic Porch said...

Ooh sally.I an so happy to find your blog again.I had lost track of you.I fit into the age range you were talking about and I still agree!

Susie Q said...

Oh do I agree! I did a post along these lines last year and wow. It seems that those on HH are getting even worse anymore! Like you I wonder what they would think of our little rooms and no granite! Yikes! I always love the ones that say"I can't possibly like without ___ or ___!" Um, yes. You CAN live without it. You are just spoiled! *grin*
And I love your valance!

I also love the International HH episodes. Folks less concerned about size and materials.

Thanks for your insight sweet lady!


Anonymous said...

Oh friend this needs to be on the party list- It was a delightful read and so much truth packed into that post!!

So enjoyed our time together Sally- It's always so fun getting together with you!

Please tell your wonderful friend how very much I delighted in unpinning that beautiful pillow case to discover all the lovely linens within! I just marvel at the beauty and many hours of work represented in that beautiful bundle!

Got out after doing the food box prep and was able to work in the yard a little. I think I will forever be racking and sweeping up pink paint chips in the yard!!! Such beautiful weather in which to work though-

bee blessed

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot- there were 5 of us kids and yup- only one bathroom. We all grew up to be normal human beings, imagine that!