Saturday, November 24, 2012


I occasionally need to do a post that is all over the place -- today is the day---
"Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.  Red sky at night, sailors delight."
Amazing photo taken by granddaughter, Caitlin
Our weather has certainly been delightful -- in the 70s most days, which is unusual here in late November.  However, we definitely need some moisture.  THINK SNOW!!!

And, thinking of snow; my friend, Jan, and her husband are snowbirds.  They spend six months of the year (Summer and Fall) here in Colorado, then they head south in their travel trailer for six months in Texas and Arizona.  They love it, have a grand time and are always anxious to hit the road when the middle of November rolls around!  

I'm afraid I just couldn't be a snowbird.  There are just too many things I would miss about not being at home in Colorado, including the following: 

#1 - To me, there is nothing better than a Colorado winter.  Sure it occasionally gets cold and snows; but within a few hours the sun comes out and it is glorious!    
#2 - I'm spoiled and lazy.  I don't want to spend six months without my dishwasher, washer, dryer, and recliner!
#3 - Even though our house is not huge, we do have two bathrooms plus there is room enough to have time apart.  
#4 - I would miss our local church home.  There is something comforting about knowing what our routine is every Sunday morning.
#5 - Even though I complain about cleaning house, I would miss my stuff.   
#6 -  I need to be home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays - I don't want to miss any available time with our family. Our son is close enough that he comes to visit for a couple days whenever he is on a school break.  And, our daughter and grandchildren live within a couple of miles from us and they pop in frequently.   I don't want to miss a single silly moment of that. 
I don't think I'm cut out to be gone from home for too long.  I do enjoy a vacation for 2-3 weeks, but not six months.  How about you?  Could you snowbird?

Before Jan left, she gave me this amaryllis for my birthday.  It sure has been enjoyable watching the blooms unfold.  What a wonderful reminder at the beginning of this joyful season of God's plan for everything !

Thanks, Jan, and have a great trip!

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Marilyn said...

I, too, could not be a snowbird. I love to be at home! Having a great long weekend at home...with a break today to get groceries for my mom. Two hours on the road is enough of a break for me. To her house and home again.♥♫

Holly said...

Such a beautiful picture of our winters! Your grandchildren are beautiful, Sally!
Blessings to you!
PS I checked that gray and it is not wool. However, I did find some other pieces of wool and will give them to you if you would like.

NanaDiana said...

What a fun all-over-the-place post. I think they are fun. I could definitely be a snowbird after having moved to the Midwest from Florida.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend- we had a red sky here tonight, too! xo Diana

Jann Olson said...

Hi Sally,
I think that your Colorado winters are alot like Utahs. Almost always after a storm the sun comes out and shines. Unusually warm here also. My mom an dad were snowbirds. I find that I too miss my home and family. I love vacationing but am always so happy to return home. Grandchildren grow up way too fast. Love the silly pics. Happy belated birthday. Enjoy that beautiful bloom from your friend. By the way, she has a lovely name. lol! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

srpprcrftr said...

That picture of the sky was breathtaking, and the river or stream picture.
I don't know what part of CO you live in, we live in Western CO about 18 miles west of Grand Junction. Been very mild here also this year, first year since we came here in 2004 without cold temps or snow.
I could be a snowbird. I'm a bit of a gypsy. My husband was a trucker when we lived in MT and KY. When we lived in MT, Helena area, I'd go with him all the time, I loved it. The longer we were gone the less I wanted to go home even tho I loved MT.
We had 20 acres just off Canyon Ferry Lake, 24 miles east of Townsend. I'd go back in a heart beat but the hubs says he's not moving any more. Darn it. We've been gone from MT since 99 but I still stay in contact with one of our neighbors from there.
Might be the only thing I'd miss would be my computer and craft stuff.
Your grand kids are very nice looking kids.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Sue said...

Hi Sally.....I couldn't move around 6 months out of the year...the Boss gets confused enough finding his way home now...start moving him and we would be in real trouble...friends of ours just bought one of those huge mobile homes and they plan on going all over the place...I could use a little beach house though to spend the summers at...that I could happily live with...
I can't remember if I told you of Sophie'
s accident at school...I'll send you an e-mail if I find that I haven't already told you about it...see old age at it's finest!!

Sarah said...

I'm the same. I don't like to be away from our home for long periods of time. ;-)

bettyl said...

Lovely post! Silly is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sally did I miss your birthday or is your pretty plant an early gift? Happy Belated Birthday if I am late - I usually am!

I don't think I could be a snowbird either but it might be fun trying it!

Hmm trying to figure out how to get you some of my pretty juniper branches- I might be going to Pueblo next Friday or Sat- if so I will let you know and maybe we could meet. I know hospice is having a craft sale at the old Dollar Tree building where the Estate store is but am not sure exactly what time. I thought it might be fun to go to.

Living room done except the tree, Dining Room almost finished- lots more Christmas to do!

bee blessed

Pondside said...

I love a holiday but miss home after 3 weeks. Like you, I wouldn't want to miss a moment of Christmas, birthdays etc.
Your amarylis is lovely!

Vee said...

No, I could not be a snowbird nor could I vacation for quite that long, but a nice long weekend is just right for me.

Such lovely pictures of Colorado (and family) that you shared!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The flower is lovely...what a beautiful color! We are snowbirds but we have homes in 2 states so we have all of our favorite things in both places. It would be hard to live without a recliner! heehee! I love being in Florida during the winter months. But it's nice to appreciate our lives wherever we live! Happy Holidays!

Jill Harrison said...

wonderful sky, delightful images of your grandchildren, beautiful flowers, and a fun and happy post. Have a wonderful week.

Lorrie Orr said...

Holidays are great, but I love coming home after a few weeks at most. I don't think snowbirding is for me.

Your photos are beautiful - winter is stunning with the snow and ice and blue blue skies, in spite of the cold.

Chatelaine said...

I totally agree. I could never be a snowbird. I love each and every season here in New England. I like the cold not the heat.

I would miss so many things about my little condo and I'm not sure the kitties would be good on the road. Guess I'll just have to stay put and leave the snowbirding to others.

SouthernHeart said...

I agree with you...I couldn't be a snowbird. Two to three weeks away from my "nest" is enough. ;-)


Hardin County Keepsakes said...

We have talked about going south but both of us would miss our stuff to much. My sewing /doll making his work shop and tools.
You are lucky to have your grands close.
Have a Merry Christmas.j

Jaybird said...

No, I could not be a snowbird! I love my stuph!! After a couple of days away, I just want to go home. My sweet husband is a vagabond and would travel all the time. Fortunately for me, he misses his cat and his shop, so he is usually ready to head "to the barn" as he says!!
Blessings to you,

Debra said...

I just love that photo of the sunlight reflected on the water! :) I like the all over the place post too...just like a conversation over lunch or something :) have a wonderful day :)