Monday, May 6, 2013


Our small town comes really alive one weekend a year -- Blossom Festival.  The Festival was started 75 years ago to celebrate the blooming of the fruit trees in the many orchards around the area.  We had a late freeze a couple of weeks ago, so the blossoms were fairly scarce; but this is my cherry tree blossoming like crazy. Guess it didn't get the memo about the freeze!  The lack of blossoms in town didn't keep the citizens from celebrating.  A lot of families have their family reunions on this weekend to attend the parade, the craft shows, rodeo, carnival, 5-K run, art shows, etc. etc.
Over the years, it has become quite the attraction for the high school and middle school bands in the state of Colorado to come  on this weekend for music competitions.  There are two days of concert and jazz band judging, then on Saturday there is a 3-hour parade down main street -- lots of marching bands, a queen and court, floats, politicians, restored antique cars and tractors, and school kids.  I forgot my camera, so the only picture I have is this one that my friend, Lynne, took of my grandson, Wyatt.  He is the one carrying the trophy, as his elementary school won first place for their float.  It carries a nice monetary prize, too, so they were really excited.
Back in the 1950s, I attended the girl's boarding school that was located here in town.  Blossom Weekend was a big thing as we were allowed to go to town (under the Nun's supervision, of course) to participate.  I loved going to school here since I didn't have any siblings.  I immediately had a whole bunch of sisters.  We arrived as Freshman in high school as 12-13 year olds, and became teenagers together.  We have remained close, and celebrate periodic reunions.  Four of my classmates were here for the weekend; and we ate, laughed, and enjoyed the weekend activities together.  On Sunday after church, I had them over for brunch and more reminiscing.  (60 years ago while attending the boarding school, I never thought Bob and I would move here 32 years ago to raise our kids.)

I intended to eat on our porch, but it turned cold, so we ate inside.
I made three kinds of mini-quiche; meat sandwiches with toppings, fruit, coffee cake, Madeleines, etc.
My granddaughter, Caitlin, popped in to regale us with stories about how much fun her teenage group had at the carnival on Saturday night.  After my classmates had left, she said that we sounded just like her friends - I don't think she had ever thought of her Grammy as a teenager!!
And, here we are -- combined we have a bunch of grandchildren to talk about.
Girls with Grandmother Faces
We had a great time!

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Marilyn said...

Sounds like an amazing time for everyone! Warmer weather is very welcome around here since I thought I'd need to find my earmuffs yesterday afternoon! The wind was CHILLY and not much fun to work outside with it blowing like it was. My tender plants from the FFA greenhouse are going to get hardened off quickly!♥♫

srpprcrftr said...

How wonderful everything sounds. I love things like that. The town about 5 miles east of us has several festivals for lots of reasons. Mostly it's famous for the mountain biking, it's called Fruita, CO. I always enjoy going to the parades, rides, selling things. Many of the festivals have people playing music, talent contests.
That's so great your friends from school came to see you and enjoy the festival.
Your tree is so pretty. Looks like you had good weather for festival also. It's pretty up and down on western side of the divide. I went out about noon today, it was quite warm, muggy. In about an hour the wind came up and the temp dropped. Had to change clothes pretty quick, no hanging out laundry today as it drizzled off and on also. You sure put on a wonderful spread for your friends.

Chatelaine said...

I love to attend local festivals. Blossom weekend sounds like a great time. Your tree is so beautiful!

Jeanette@Creating A Life said...

How wonderful that you all have remained friends all these years! Gotta love our small town festivals. We are getting ready to celebrate New Castle's 125th anniversary this weekend. Your cherry tree is so pretty!

Jeanette @ Creating a Life

Shawna Williams said...

The story you tell reminds me of my childhood and how we use to march in May for Tulip Time. We had a town that was Dutch and they brought 1000's of Tulips in to plant all over the town. What great memories.

Jann Olson said...

So fun to reunite with school friends. The blossom festival sounds like so much fun even if the blooms were scarce. Like you said, yours put on a beautiful show to make up for it. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

kitty said...

I love this story and learning how your friendship has continued through the years. What a wonderful meal you fixed for your friends. Food + Friends = Fun Times!!

Ms Lemon of Make Mine Lemon said...

What a sweet story. It let the granddaughter see a different side of her grandmother. So sweet.

Pat said...

Great post Sally! The food looks good and the friendship even better.
Last night was Noah's Pre-K graduation. Xanti drove here from KC for the celebration. We were talking about a friend in KC. She asked me if she is an online friend or a real life friend. I told her she is a real life friend. We were in school together. I also told her we are getting together next month to celebrate our birthday. Not just Janie and me, but the class of 61 will be celebrating our 70th birthdays. It isn't a reunion,it's an actual birthday party. Xanti looked at me in the funniest way. I'm not sure if she is just now realizing I am going to be 70 this summer or that I actually went to school.:-)