Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We've taken a couple of day trips in the last couple of weeks -- both without a camera -- I know, what was I thinking?

The first was to the monthly (in the summer) Paris Street Market in Littleton, a suburb of Denver.  Since we don't need a thing, we go with the idea of checking the trends, observing what other people are buying: and if we just happen to see something inexpensive that catches our eye, we will buy it.
Our only purchase this time was this plaid and leather flask from England for $7.
We didn't really see any new trends emerging - lots of chippy furniture and window frames still being carried out.  We saw mega amounts of repurposing done in the name of art; some repurposed a little too far for our taste!  Always a fun little trip, as we usually meet our son there -- he had just returned from the REAL Paris just a couple of days before; so we got to hear about his trip.

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The second day trip was to the mountain town of Rye, Colorado for an estate auction.  The man had been an auction attendee for years, and had stockpiled sheds and sheds of stuff.  The auction company had done an incredible job in sorting out things into over a thousand boxes and containers.  There was some great stuff, along with a lot of junk; but the boxes were going high - over $25 and up for a box.  The property was hilly, dusty, and the sun was unbearable.  If you've ever stood in high-altitude sunshine, you know what I mean.  After a couple of hours, I retreated to the car (I was engrossed in a novel; and remember, I'm not the outdoors type)!  Bob hung around and bought a wire basket of bottles, but there weren't any medicinal amber bottles in the basket -- that's what I'm interested in.  
 This is just a small number of the bottles he got; we'll probably keep the old grocery basket and sell the bottles.
If I had been 40 years younger, $400 richer, and 4000 miles closer to sea-level; it would have been the perfect auction. 
We found a good Mexican food place in Colorado City; and stopped in Pueblo at Barnes and Noble for a couple of new decorating magazines, plus I finished my book on the way home.  All in all, it was a fun day in an unusual way!
This coming weekend we are headed to the Denver area again to the Old Glory Antiques Fair in Clement Park.  I'll try not to forget my camera this time.

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Little Susie Home Maker said...

Sounds like you had some great stops and fun. Days like that are the best!!

bj said...

Hi, Sally..I've had you on my mind since your state is just about to burn up. I hope fires aren't near you.
We lived in both Colo. City and Rye for a couple years when our kids were young. Hubby was working on a large job there and the kids and I closed up our house in Texas and moved to Colorado for awhile. Rye was my favorite...Colo City, too flat and not all that pretty.
Hope you are safe...
xo bj

Anonymous said...

Sally, I was deteremined not to go to that sale in Rye as I knew it would get me in trouble buying all sorts of things I don't need! I had a good excuse too as hubby was officiating a wedding that day at 3p.m. which would make it tough for me to tear myself out of the auction way! Had several friends go and they said there was a ton of stuff and that the prices were high too.

I really am trying to get rid of the things I already have instead of buying more- more darling sunroom is stuffed with booth things- :(

So glad for the rain today- are you getting any there? Just said goodbye to one set of guests and waiting for another set to arrive this afternoon!

Bee blessed

County Line Road said...

Hi Sally!
I'm coming to Denver. That plaid flask was a great find. I'm behind in my Blog reading so I thought I would stop by for a look around.

Chatelaine said...

That auction sounds like fun. But I agree, not a fan of heat. Limits my flea marketing in the Summer.

Have fun on the next daytrip.

srpprcrftr said...

Your weekend sounds great, good places to shop and get bargains. Standing in heat doesn't sound fun to me at all no matter what was being sold. Maybe I should look up estate sales in our area. It's great your hubs is willing to go also. My hubs isn't very estate sale minded at all.
Wondering why your side of the mountains has all the antique shows and markets while ours has didly. (I'm about 18 miles west of Grand Junction). I find it quite annoying that G.J. has no antique shows or mkts. of any kind except for a flea market downtown which is not really a flea market at all, way overpriced. We had a booth there about 3 yrs. ago but didn't sell much of anything, had people steal from us however. We only stayed about a month or so, not much foot traffic at all and way too expensive to pay for a booth, too far for us to go on top of paying for booth. Antique stores here aren't open all that much, have maybe 3 I think in downtown G.J. but only open during day during the week, no Sundays at all. It seems antiques just aren't the thing here or ? who knows why.
Guess I'll just have to live vicariously thru your adventures. We just can't afford to go over to your side of the mountains. Have fun, will look forward to hearing about your next adventures.

Debra @ Homespun said...

As soon as I saw the plaid picture I had a feeling it was you! :)

Jann Olson said...

I smiled at Debra's comment. I thought the exact same thing. lol! Gotta love that plaid. Just getting away with hubby is always fun even the sale and weather wasn't the best. If you ask me, the Mexican food was well worth it. Would love to go to that Old Glory Antiques show. I see some of their stuff on line. Have fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures and finds with SYC.

bj said...

Hi, again, Sally...glad all is well there.
Came over from Mrs. Olson's today.:))
I LOVE this flask.