Tuesday, October 29, 2013


When the kitchen was repainted recently, I chose a light blue for inside of the glass cupboards. (Click here to see the kitchen redo project.)  I wanted to tie the color into the attached dining room, so we painted the back of this cupboard the same blue.
This was what it looked like before.
So much lighter now!
 After much discussion, we decided to become a two-computer couple.  After purchasing the lap top, we had a need to set up another work station.  We found this English desk with wonderful patina at a local antique shop to use for the lap top. I was much more thrilled to find the desk than to buy a second computer. 
Maybe I'll like the lap top better once Bob corrals all those wires for our new "wireless" system!!!


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love my lap top and actually sit with it on my lap. lol I don't think I would ever want to go back to a regular computer now. Enjoy it!!! xo Diana

Marilyn said...

The back of your cupboard looks wonderful with your brown transfer ware and bottle collection! Paint really changes how we focus on things.

Before Wally was gifted with this computer by his sisters, I had a hand-me-down laptop from Sarah, but I killed it when I spilled water on it accidentally. I enjoyed the wireless business and would like to have a printer that is wireless now. I'll have to have Sarah and Alex take care of THAT! Good luck on taming the cords.♥♫

Melanie said...

Love the light blue color in the cupboard, it is so pretty and light. Love the desk too!

Chatelaine said...

I love the blue. It gives it a fresh look. It looks more colonial I think.

Good choice on the paint and the desk too!

Enjoy the new computer!

Jann Olson said...

Sally the light blue color makes your transferware pop. Love it! The addition of your bottle collection is wonderful too.