Thursday, February 13, 2014


The grandkids and our daughter stopped by after school today for a short visit to celebrate Wyatt's 12th birthday and   Valentine's Day with us.  Of course, there were birthday presents for Wyatt and V-Day presents for both the beauty and the cutie.
We had cake and ice cream with Wyatt's favorite blackberry sauce made with blackberries from his and Papa's patch. 

They had to hurry off as Wyatt had basketball practice tonight. Our Saturdays are now filled with 6th grade basketball games, and it sure is fun to watch him play!
Look at him -- he's almost as tall as his 17 year old sister (who is tall!!)  What happened to our tiny Valentine baby?  Guess I do know -- he's eating us all out of house and home!
Happy Birthday, Wyatt!  Plus, Happy V-Day to both of our heart tuggers, Caitlin and Wyatt.

I've had this picture of them at the very bottom of my side bar since I started this blog in 2008.  Love this picture -- she's holding his hand so he wouldn't go into the river.  Tugs at my heart every time!
Our reward for surviving parenthood - the grandchildren!!


A Few Pennies said...

Cute indeed! I can tell they were delighted to be with grandma and grandpa. Happy Valentine's Day!

bj said...

awww, how fun it is to share their special times....
Hope all is good in your world, Sally.