Sunday, June 21, 2015


Another month has flown by since my sabbatical started.

Here is some randomness from June.

1.  The final reveal of the quilt, "Merry-go-round" (formally known as "The Albatross in the Closet") is on my quilting blog, Q-Bits (click here).  All of the statistics in the making of the quilt are listed there.

2.  With my limited computer skills, I have spent hours (and hours) revamping my quilting blog.  I've added tabs under the header that make navigating easier to find info and pictures of the 97 cotton quilts I have made, my wool projects, and my paper quilts, etc.  Click on the quilt pictured at top of the left sidebar of this blog to take you directly there.

3.  Bob has been working a lot in the garden this spring/summer.  Last November we had a very sudden freeze, and shrubs and trees all over our town were killed.  We lost several large bushes, so it has been major work for Bob and Wyatt to get those dug out and replaced.  We lost two red twig dogwoods in the front of the house.  After they were dug out, I couldn't stand the front of the house (and I'm too impatient to wait for new bushes to grow up!).
One thing leads to another -- we decided to add another decorative picket fence on the left to cover the mechanics (the hose, vents, and sprinkling system box).  It replaced the dead red twig bushes. Hopefully, the barberry bushes will grow up, and we plan to add a yellow climbing rose.  It looks much better.  This Fall the picket fence on the right needs to be replaced to match the new one.
4.  It has been pretty quiet around here this month -- just the way I like it in the heat of the summer.  July appears to be more of the same, but August will be a doozy for us old folks.  I've started a new quilt, and hope to complete it by the August quilt show.  Check my other blog for my progress on it - it is a little out of my comfort zone!

See you next month.  Have a safe July!


Kim said...

Your quilt is lovely, that blue is just stunning.

Susan Clayton said...

What a gorgeous quilt. Congrats on finishing it.

Shelia said...

Hi Sally! I've missed you. Oh, your quilt is so beautiful! You're an amazing quilter. I like the picket fence by your house too. Sounds like life is pretty busy at your place. We're enjoying the wonderful summer here in upstate. Hope you're doing well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Have a Daily said...

Oh my gosh Sally, the hours of work put into that gorgeous quilt. You are simply amazing! I need to revamp my blog so badly, but I know it's going to take hours and I just never seem to find the time. Love the picket fence and I hate losing bushes and trees!

Miss Jean said...

First of all, I love the quilt!!! My favorite color combination! I'm here in Colorado as well and we have lost a few trees as well. You can see dead trees all over the neighborhood. They say it was the 70 degree drop in temperature we had in November. Sad, sad, sad.

bj said...

I love your new looks like it matches the other to me...but maybe I can't really tell from a photo.
I admired this quilt on do such beautiful work.
Sorry for the loss of bushes and trees but it looks like you have a great start on the yard.
Tell your handsome sweetie hello for us.

barbara woods said...

love your quilt

Michiko said...

Extremely gorgeous quilt! I love your color combination too.