Sunday, November 8, 2015


We're gearing up for the November and December holidays around the Salmagundi household.

1.  The last rose of summer -- there is something so vibrant about the last roses of the season.  Evidently, this buggy-leaf-thing thought so, also.  We've finally had a hard freeze; rather late for this part of the country.

2.  The house is a mess.  Bob is doing some long over-due maintenance painting.  We have a long hall with many doors and woodwork to be done.  In the process, we're starting to clean and clear out stuff to make room for the Christmas explosion.

3.  We have two family birthdays before Thanksgiving and one between Thanksgiving and Christmas to add to the festivities.

Our daughter's birthday is this week.  She is in her 10th year of being free from Stage 4 brain cancer -- a real miracle!  She has struggled with the results of the surgery, the effects of all of the radiation and chemo; so she endures a lot but continues on with such a cheerful attitude.  Each birthday is a special gift.
Happy Birthday, Jenni!

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Mitzi said...

Happy Birthday Jenni! You are a wonderful miracle.