Wednesday, March 9, 2016


One of my goals for 2016 is to conquer the 125-year's worth of photos I've been entrusted with for the next generation.  I've done some work on them over the years, but I seem to peter out before completely finishing the task.  There are photos of ancestors dating back to the 1880s through photos of my grandchildren taken recently ---- 1000s of pictures that need organized, dated, identified, etc.  
I have 15 of these large media boxes that contain photos of different occasions and branches of our families.  The one above happens to contain pictures of my granddaughter -- it still needs work on putting the photos in date order.  And, of course, I have photo files on my computer for the last 10 years that need to be reorganized.
This year I'm committed to accomplish some sort of order.  BUT, if I work on them too long, I go batty and buggy-eyed!

I needed a diversion.  So I've decided that I will work on the photos one week, then alternate a week working on sorting out my fabric scraps.

To make a long story short --- I'm not really planning to do anything blog-worthy for the next few weeks; so I will be in blog-limbo for awhile. 
You can check my quilting blog, Q-Bits --- that's probably where most of the action will happen. 

Have a happy Spring and a joyous Easter!

P.S.:  Also, happy birthday this week to our hard-working, under-paid teacher son, Mike.  In addition to teaching high school algebra, calculus, and chemistry classes this week, he has night time parent teacher conferences.  Plus, he is in the process of accompanying on the piano several students for solo and ensemble contests.  And then, he is completing plans to take 30 teenagers to Paris and the British Isles in June --  all on a salary that a pro athlete would spend for dinner out.  Next time you see a public school teacher with a day off, thank them for their service!!
In the meantime, I'm sorting through his box of photos reliving the joy of having him as our son!!!

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Shelia said...

Good luck, Sally, this is a big task. Since I've been laid up, a while back ago, I did the same thing...took all of our photos and sorted them and put them in boxes. I used to scrapbook and had all of my snaps organized but my bins were turned upside down and the snaps all fell out and became a jumbled mess! :) You'll get this done and I'd love to go through your scraps! ;) Hope all is well and don't stay gone too long.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)