Friday, May 27, 2016


Any of you that know me well know that I only go outside when necessary.  I did, however, make my annual Spring trip to the backyard today to check out the flower and vegetable gardens.
We have baby birds in the birdhouse. But, Mama bird was squawking telling the babies not to show their little heads as there was a crazy old lady out there with a camera.
We have large windows across the back of our house, so I do enjoy all of Bob's efforts in the yard every day.  I'll venture out there again in a month or so!

I did venture outside a couple of times in May to go to middle-school track meets.  I can't deny my cute grandson.
Wyatt has been at our house a lot recently building a tubulum for the middle school music room.  He always has these ideas of things to do in his Papa's workshop.  They made it from leftover PVC pipe and salvaged pallet wood.  Bob and he delivered it to school today --- the last day of his attendance in middle school.  Now, it is onto high school and more big dreams.  My part has been to keep this growing dreamer fueled with food.
When I wasn't cooking, I've spent a lot of this month on the computer.  We have an upcoming class reunion, and I made a photo book with 85 pictures of our school years to be raffled off at one of the dinners.  For the raffle, I also made 20 note cards with scenes from our hometown.
And, just because quilting is always my passion, I found time to finish this quilt top.  Now, this summer I want to just sit in front of the air conditioner and hand quilt it.

In retrospect, I guess it has been a busy May.
Hope you enjoy this upcoming holiday weekend.  Be safe.

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Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Now this is an impressive recap of May! That photo project is amazing! I am amused to find someone else who doesn't venture into the yard all that often. Haha! I love gardens. I just don't garden. Sad. I hope summer is turning beautiful for you!

Light and Voices said...

May is done. We are like half way through the year already. I enjoyed your post very much. Take care. See you next week.
JM, Illinois-U.S.A.