Sunday, August 21, 2016


This has been the summer of reunions.  We just returned a couple of weeks ago from a cousin's reunion in California.  Back over Memorial weekend, Bob and I went to our 60th high school class reunion in Rocky Ford, CO.  And now, this past weekend, I attended another 60th class reunion.  By way of explanation -- As a Freshman and Sophomore in high school, I attended St. Scholastica Academy, a girl's boarding school here in Canon City, CO.  Then, as a Junior and Senior, I returned to my hometown of Rocky Ford to finish high school.  My SSA friends have always graciously included me in their reunions.  They are a particularly close bunch of women after not only going to school together, but also living together during their formative years.  After 60 years, their special bond still shines through.
10 classmates attended with one brave husband in the bunch!
The reunion was held at the boy's boarding school, The Holy Cross Abbey School,  which is now an event center and winery here in Canon City.  The Abbey puts on an alumni weekend every year including both the former boy's school and the girl's school. They wined and dined us several times over the weekend.

When we have reunions here in town, it has become a tradition to come to my house for brunch on one of days.  I cook for couple of days; then we eat again plus reminisce and look at old pictures.  Always, a fun time!
This is what our school looked like when we boarded and went to school there in the 1950s.  It was a beautiful campus, and we all have fond memories of living and going to school there.
Unfortunately, after the school that began in 1890 closed in 2001, the facility has slowly deteriorated.  This is what it looks like currently, and we are all saddened by its condition.
However, there is a group actively searching for funds to restore it back to usefulness.  In addition to this historic building, there are several newer buildings from the 1970s and 1980s including an indoor pool, theater, chapel, dormitory, and classrooms.  Do you know of anyone with several million dollars to invest in our special past and a possible future use???

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LV said...

Used to attend class and family reunions, but not enough left now. So inreesting seeing how different ones change.

Jeanne said...

Om my goodness, the last photo just makes me sad. Time takes it's toll sometimes. However, I am happy to read about your lovely reunions so we must remember the positives of our current lives.
Thank you for always joining in my Blue Monday Blog party.
Have a lovely week.

Summer said...

Sounds like your summer is so wonderful! I hope the school gets restored ♥