Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've been tagged by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to list 7 random or weird facts about myself.
Here goes----
1. A random fact: We are parents to one biological child and one adopted child. I feel so blessed to have had both experiences. "Caring, not bearing makes a Mother!!"
2. I eat the same thing every morning -- a bowl of Cheerios with 3 teaspoons of crunchy peanut butter and covered with milk. My family thinks this is weird, but I don't!
3. A random fact: When I was young, I wanted to be an architect; but I was told by the school counselor in the 1950s that girls didn't do that. How sad is that? What is sadder is that I listened and didn't give it a try anyway. It's o.k., though, I have been very happy with my life!
4. A random fact: Both of my parents, one grandmother, and I were all born in the same little Colorado town.
5. Is this weird or random? I'm the jeans and t-shirt type. I hate to dress up, rarely wear make-up, and I have wash and wear hair. I'm not into "girly gadgets", yet I am far from the tom-boy type.
6. A weird fact: I can not stand to have my hands messy when I'm cooking. You will never catch me mixing anything with my hands. I can barely touch raw meat, but to touch grated cheese is the worst!
7. Now this is weird: I went on a date in high school at night to the town dump to shoot rats from the hood of the car with a 22-rifle. It turned out all right, though; I married him anyway!
I'm going to pass this on to anyone who hasn't had a chance to play. Please join in!
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Smilingsal said...

Interesting first date!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sure you have an interesting fun filled life if that was your first date!!

That was fun learning more about you!


salmagundi said...

Just a note--- It was not our first date. Our first date was to a dance in 7th grade. The rat hunt episode was after we had been dating for several years.


Brown-Eyes said...

What fun things to learn about you and believe it or not I went on a rat hunt date with my husband of 39 1/2 years when we were first looking back on that, it does seem weird! LOL ;-) Bo

onlymehere said...

I don't like to dress up either. I wear shorts to work every day with a T-shirt and socks. No shoes! Good thing I work in my basement on a computer! I eat Corn Flakes every morning and once in awhile Cheerios, but no peanut butter on it! I did this tag a couple of days ago and it was fun, but it's more fun to learn more about you! Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hahahaaaaa...I love that you went RAT KILLING !! So funny but out here in Texas, people do that kind of thing...and they go "varmit hunting"...strange !! lol

Nope you aren't going crazy. I did have that message on my post. Then, when I went back to add the message about our Deena, it stretched my paragraphs out all over the place and who the heck knows where my "trouble with Blogger" message went ! Crazy

Mrs. B said...

Your rat hunting date was pretty funny! I can't stand to touch raw meat either. Ground beef is the worst. Ewwwww!