Monday, September 29, 2008


We went out to the yard sales this weekend and found a few things. The quilt in the background was the first thing I found for $5.00. The blocks are old with fabrics from the turn of the 20th century, but I think the quilt was put together in the 1970s. It is nicely hand quilted and worth more than the price I paid!

The picture in the foreground is a 1940s print in a nice frame for only $3.00 and will probably be a present to a friend.

The two cactus cowboy lamps were $1.00 a piece, and we will sell these on ebay.

The tin tray is a picture of an elk by James L. Artig and was $2.00.

And finally, I always look for Condensed Reader's Digest books because I enjoy reading them and they have such pretty covers and end papers. This one is from 1953 and was 10 cents.

Not bad for $12.10 total.

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I've been challenged by Cindy at Just Another Day in Paradise to do the Lucky Sevens Tag. So here we go---

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

1. Return to Paris, France.

2. Make a difference in some one's life that I don't know.

3. Finish organizing the 120 years of photos that I somehow seem to be in charge of doing.

4. Get my house in absolute impeccable order. I don't want anyone to have to say, "Oh my, what a mess!!"

5. See my grandchildren grown, healthy, happy, educated and have a relationship with God.

6. Grow in my Christian faith.

7. Reach our 75th wedding anniversary.

Seven things I can do:

1. I can sew anything -- Halloween costumes, clothes including suits and coats, drapes, bedding, and table linens.

2. I can play the piano.

3. I can be frugal and do things on a dime.

4. I can get a decent meal on the table day after day.

5. I can quilt, knit, and embroider.

6. I can be happy lounging around and doing nothing.

7. I can hold a grudge - not a good thing, but I'm working on that.

Seven things I can not do:

1. I'm hopeless at any thing athletic.

2. I can not make pie crust.

3. I'm no good at gardening - the bugs eat me up, I hate having my hands dirty, and I have a brown thumb.

4. I can not sing, but I still do!

5. I can not crochet - my grandmother always said I looked like I was shoveling coal.

6. I have no aptitude for languages.

7. I can not put a book down once I have started reading it.

Seven things that attract me to Bob:

1. He chose to marry ME 50 years ago.

2. He has a work ethic that never quits. After working hard for 44 years as a civil engineer, he now substitute teaches in our local school district, does all of the yard work, does anything around the house that I ask like painting, etc., he restores and refinishes furniture for resale, AND he cleans bathrooms.

3. He is a dedicated father and grandfather.

4. He is a great son with infinite patience with his mother and other elderly people.

5. Despite having been diagnosed 49 years ago with a form of Muscular Dystrophy, he has shown true grit and managed to keep moving and out of a wheelchair.

6. He laughs at my weird sense of humor.

7. He has given me the ultimate luxury of being able to stay home all of these years to be a wife and mother.

Seven things that I say most often:

1. You're home now.

2. What do you want for supper?

3. Let's go for a ride and get a Coke.

4. I don't want to get up.

5. What are the kids up to?

6. Go for it.

7. Here's the remote. You find something to watch.

Seven favorite foods:

1. Mexican food

2. Tapioca Pudding

3. French toast

4. Donuts

5. Onion rings

6. Home-grown tomatoes

7. Brownies with nuts

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Jill said...

Hi Sally,
My you found some goodies yourself! I wondered what those little wagons were...lamps...absolutely charming! That quilt was quite a buy. It would be perfect to take on picnics!

onlymehere said...

First of I can't believe you got that quilt for $5.00!!! Amazing. I'm glad you took the challenge bz I found so much we have in common. All seven of the things you want to do before you die I want to do too, only Paris would be not to "return" but just to go!! I absolutely love home grown tomatoes too. I don't grow them well but my in-laws keep us loaded up on them and they're so good! My grandma taught me to crochet on my fingers when I was little (just chain stitching pretty much) and I'm not good at crochet at all, it hurts my hands to do it. However, my mother-in-law makes the most beautiful afghans. Each grandchild gets to pick one out when they get married or when she has a large supply on hand! We have lots of afghans at our house bz she's always crocheting or knitting. Brownies would be my treat of choice if given a choice! My son makes excellent brownies! Thanks for playing along I love getting to know my blogging buddies better. Oh, your husband sounds like a great guy and a real hard worker! No wonder you've kept him around!! LOL!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Great yard sale finds! Boy I love that flower picture!! So pretty and the quilt too!


Chari said...

Hello Sally!

I just wanted to stop by your place and meet you! I'm so happy that you visited my little blog! I'm just a beginner and still struggling a bit...but I sure am encouraged and inspired after reading & viewing some of your interesting posts!!! I can tell already...we have a lot in common...I love your style!!!

Sally, if you would stop by my place, I have a little award waiting for you!...wink!

Thank you so much for adding me to your list of blogs that you follow...that's so sweet! And you can be sure that I'll be back to visit you again!

Warmest wishes...Chari (Happytodesign)

Marie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you did. Your blog is fantastic. I can't believe you found that quilt for $5!! What a deal!

Picket said...

Great finds girl...I loved that painting and the quilt! It was so good to learn more about you with you sevens sound alot like me! lol Have a great day girl!

bj said...

ummm, you found some great things at the yard sles.
I enjoyed reading all you THINGS...
love, bj

Chari said...

Hi Sally!

Oooh...I love all of your yard sale did good, my friend! Well...I just wanted to stop in and say hello today...also was wondering where you are at in Colorado? I live over in the northeastern corner...near Sterling! nice to meet a fellow Coloradoan!!! Have a great day!

Warmest wishes...Chari (Happytodesign)

Brown-Eyes said...

What fun reading your 7 things list...mine posts tomorrow...That quilt was only $5...can you just imagine all the time someone put into making it and then someone letting it go so cheap...
;-) Bo

Susie Q said...

I love your list! I too am always found saying I don't want to get up!! : ) We share lots of list items!!