Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My husband, Bob, is retired from a 44-year career as a civil engineer. Consequently, when we travel, engineering marvels are always at the top of our "must see" list.

There are many engineering feats I have not witnessed such as the pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China.

But, I have seen the underside of the Golden Gate Bridge, and viewed the Royal Gorge Bridge of Colorado from a tram 1100 feet above the river.

I've been claustrophobic at the top of the St. Louis Arch, and have ridden 13 miles across the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island in Canada.

I've been in the bowels and seen the inner workings of the Tower Bridge in London, and traveled 180 miles an hour under the water of the English Channel through a tunnel.

BUT, in my opinion, the absolute best, best, best engineering marvel is the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

It combines the structure and strength of engineering and the beauty and form of art.

I know that there are professional photos that capture that beauty better than our amateur pictures, but these are ours and remind me that I was actually there!

A view from the top!!!!

Ooooooo, I so want to go back and see it again!!!!

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I'm going to be 'missing in action' for a few days, as my sister-in-law and I are going on a little road trip!!!

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Smilingsal said...

I've been there too. It's something!

onlymehere said...

I'd rather see your pictures any day than the ones on google bz in your's I can see it really up close and see the detail. I honestly didn't realize that there were so many metal trusses or whatever they are in this. I so envy your travels and love looking at them! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Cindy

nikkicrumpet said...

OHHH you lucky little devil. That is one thing I want to see more than anything. I keep begging my hubby to get us to Paris...but he lived there for 10 years and says it ain't worth seeing...SILLY MAN!

bj said...

I am pretty certain I will never get to Paris..I really enjoyed looking at your photos..
Hope you are having fun on your road trip...

Picket said...

Hey girl...what a site that must have been in! Thanks so much for coming by and sharing in on the joy of little Isabella with us..They are doing great...Tammy was up walking around early the next morning and hasn't slowed down yet! lol It is just a dream come true! Have a great time on your road trip girl..

Susie Q said...

It is one of my dreams to see the Eiffel Tower. I hope to do so soon.
I have seen the Golden Gate bridge, The Tower of London and gosh but I understand how you felt in the Arch! Bill had to *bribe* me with something I wanted to buy to get me to go up in those cars! It is TIGHT at the top! : )

I know I am lucky to have seen the things I have but I crave to see more! I guess that thirst never gets fully quenched!
Thank you for sharing this with us!


the pleasures of homemaking said...

Magnificent! I can't say I've ever seen a picture of the underside so that was cool!

I don't have an email for you so I'll answer your question here. The pumpkin isn't sitting in turkey sugar bowl. I know it looks like one with the handles on each side but it's actually one of those cups - I forget what they're called!! When it comes to me I'll let you know. Have you tried ebay?


chatelaine said...

Great post! I turned 25 years old in Paris and now whenever I have a significant birthday I try to go somewhere special. Your post has made want to put Paris back on my to do list. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

Sue said...

Hi Sally...first, thanks on the heads up that Marshals had turkey plates. I love turkey plates, they were featured in thos months Country Living magazine. I will check out my local stores tomorrow. Second, I love blog is named after my favorite place to food shope there the Rue Mouffetard. I just posted some pictures from there on my blog you'll have to go check them out. Amateur photo's also but how can any pictures of that beautiful city look anything but spectacular..Hope you had a ball!!
Sue in Atlanta... I think by now you have to go back one page to find them. Titled France at a Glance....