Sunday, November 29, 2009


I've been thinking about this project for at least ten years - pondering it, dreading it, avoiding it!!!

We have eight dining room chairs that are old, but very sturdy. They are comfortable except they do not have upholstered seats. They desperately needed cushions but I never could find any that I liked in my price range. So, in September I decided I just needed to bite the bullet and make them myself with a deadline by Thanksgiving. In my frugal mode, I needed to use some of the various fabrics that I had in my stash. There are five different versions using a total of seven different fabrics.

I made 32 yards of cording, inserted 8 zippers, made 16 velcro tabs, used 2 spools of thread and 8 yards of fabric, and used up about all of my patience. It seems that the older I get, the shorter my attention span is.

I had a hard time deciding what to use for the inner cushions. Locally, foam was VERY expensive. I finally found a place online that cut the foam, then wrapped and secured the batting over the foam. All eight inner cushions with postage only cost $48. If I had done the inner cushions myself, it would have cost almost three times as much. I was very pleased with the quality, too.

After I received the inner cushions, it was very intimidating to see the stack on the left knowing the work that was coming. But, here they are all done. I prewashed all of the fabrics and inserted zippers in the back boxing, so they can be removed for the laundry. The cushions on the six chairs that are always around our table can be flipped over so that they all match.
The other two chairs are used elsewhere, and only brought to the table when needed.

I'm joining a couple of parties today. Please check out Susan at
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Edited to add: At the suggestion of Miss Mustard Seed, I'm also linking to her Furniture Feature Friday. Be sure to check out her blog for the most amazing painted furniture and accessories. She will also have a list of the participants of this week's FFF.


dee dee said...

These turned out so cute! What a great internet find, even my husband sitting beside me said.. Wow! I'm sure these were hard work, but the end result is fantastic!... Dee Dee

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh my goodness!!! What can I say other than WOW!!! I'm so over the top impressed. These turned out beautifully.. what talent you have. You should feel very proud of the accompolishement.. girl I could go on and on... you don't sew you are a seamstress!! Thank you for stopping by to see the "new" valance..I had a lot of fun putting it together.. Happy decorating my friend.
hugs ~lynne~

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh my, Sally! I am tired just reading about your project! But you have done yourself proud, Ma'am!! First, I LOVE all of your fabric choices...gorgeous! And I love the way you mixed and matched and still allowed a way to have all of them match at the table...amazing work! I am sure it was all worth it in the end! Have a great week...and try to fit a little rest in there! lol...Debbie

Kammy said...

Wow Sally - you sure can sew ! I need to make some cushions for my day !

Lauren said...

Hi! I found one of your older posts when I was searching online about a Clark's O.N.T. spool cabinet that just came into my possession. After reading your blog I pulled out the drawers to look for a signature and to my surprise, I found one. No date though. The signature appears to be C C Moore, or possibly E E Moore. I was wondering what your signature was. If you have a minute I would love to hear back. I am really enthralled with this piece but am having a hard time dating it and finding other info about it.


Mimi said...

Your chair cushions came out great...sure wish I could sew well enough to make something like that. I have a hard time sewing a straight line, I missed out on the sewing gene!

Anonymous said...

Good evening friend! I remember seeing all those wonderful fabrics when we were over- My you have done such a beautiful job!!!

I am just now getting the Thanksgiving decor down- I am so looking forward to decorating for Christmas- it is my favorite time of year!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

These are beautiful, Sally! You are definitely a very talented seamstress. I would have given up at the cording!;-)

onlymehere said...

What an undertaking! Great job. I'm so impressed! Cindy

SmilingSally said...

You are so talented; I'm scared of cording. If ever you want to do a tutorial, I'd be interested.

Beautiful job, Sally.


Miss Mustard Seed said...

They are gorgeous! I love the French country fabrics you used and how you mixed them to make use of "scraps." Great work! You should also post this to Furniture Feature Friday over at my blog.

Anonymous said...

You did such a wonderful job. I wished I could make a cover for a chair of mine. Of course it would have to be the whole chair. I envy people who can make over things like you did.


bj said...

O, Sally...these are fabulous. I LOVE your country french did an awesome need to link this to DIY at Kimba's and Furniture Feature over at Miss Mustard Seed..EVERYone needs to see these!!
xo bj

Sue said...

You are one talented lady Miss Sally....I too love how you mixed and matched the fabric...great job.

Shelia said...

Hi Dear Sally!! Oh, your pillows are all so beautiful! You are a really awesome seamstress! I love how you've mixed all of the different fabrics! I wasn't aware that foam was that expensive! That was smart looking around for it. Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Chatelaine said...

Your cushions are so gorgeous. You did a great job. Love the fabric selection.

Anonymous said...

Are you snowed in yet? We were supposed to go to Pueblo for eye appointments (I finally got around to making them!) but decided we better stay home with the weather!

I say your comment to Rue about being 90 percent done with decor and gifts- When you get 100 % please come and help me out!!!


bj said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by...I love it when you come to see me....
it is pretty cold here this morning but can just imagine that it is REALLY cold in Colorado.
Did I ever say that we lived in Colorado at different times, going where hubby was working? Cortez and Montrose...learned a little about snow skiing in Montrose at PowderHorn ski area...:)

Picket said...

Girl I am speechless!!!!! That is awesome!!!!! Love the fabrics you are braver than me...if I ever tried something like that my family would come home and find me tied up in the cording alone let alone dream of knowing how to put a zipper in....oh and showing us your dirty Thanksgiving dishes on national world wide are my hero!!!! lol lol

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Wow! The fabrics are gorgeous and they look fantastic. Where did you find your foam source? Will you share?