Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sue of Rue-Mouffetard is the best blogging buddy ever. She is always sending me cards, notes of encouragement, and presents. After my recent surgery, she knew I was struggling a little, so she sent me a box of goodies to cheer me up.

Inside this beautiful basket was yummy biscotti, a huge tea cup, and a variety box of teas. Somehow she just knew that I was trying to cut down on my Diet Coke intake, and I was searching for a tea as a substitute. I have had so much fun sampling all of the teas from this neat gift basket. A little biscotti with my tea hasn't hurt either.

Thank you, thank you, sweet Sue. You are the best!!



Peg @ Bloomfield Farm said...

I just LOVE Sue. She's the best! I feel like I've known her for a long time even though I've never met her. Did you read her post about meeting Flour Power Joyce and Santamaker for lunch? They are a HOOT!

Sue said...

Hi Sally....how are you feeling this weekend my friend??..Hope your feeling good and that the warm weather will be your way soon...It's still freezing here and I'm still limping around on my achy ankle....hope your enjoying the tea.....and nothing wrong with drinking the Diet Coke....but you need to try Coke Zero...Waaaaay better...you'll get hooked!!...Have a great week....Sue.