Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This is our 54th Christmas together, and our Christmas tree has changed very little over the years.
It just grew and grew like our marriage and our family!
Below, is that very first Christmas tree in 1958. We were newlywed students and hardly could afford to buy the tree. We had to forget about buying any ornaments except the one red glass ball. We strung some popcorn and cranberries, and I made those little red puffs out of some red net I already had.
To celebrate, we painted the year on the ball; and thus, began our family tradition. Every year since, we have painted the year on a ball; so this year there are 54 red balls on the tree.
And, of course, we have added lots of ornaments -- some from travels and some are gifts from friends and family.
We have several Hallmark series that we have purchased over the years. (Note to Hallmark: PLEASE can you stop the 'Nostalgic Houses and Shops' series - it's been 29 years now on that series - we're running out of room!)
Below, you can see the 1979 ball. We've never claimed to be artists, and there are some interesting paint jobs.
I found the candle clips about 30 years ago, but we've never lit the candles. They just seemed to complement the style of the tree with the strings of popcorn.

About 20 years ago, when we inherited vintage glass ornaments from both sides of our family; we started a second tree to accommodate those. Then, we bought blown glass ornaments on our trips; plus received meaningful ones from friends. I love this tree at night with the sparkle of my mother's mercury glass roping from the 1950s.

It takes about two days to put up these two trees. No help from the kids anymore, but Bob does help me. I intend to keep putting up the trees for as long as we're able - it's tradition!! I'm sure our kids, and now the grandkids would complain if we didn't.

I'm joining in on the following Christmas Tree parties. Please check these blogs out, and thank them for hosting the get-togethers!
Honey We're Home on Thursday, Dec. 8
2805 on Friday, Dec. 9
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Marilyn said...

I have the same Hallmark building ornaments! And I'm ready for the last one, too. I love the idea of an ornament with the year on it and want to have something for Sarah and Alex for their first Christmas as a married couple. Don't have much time to ponder, but I might get something done this weekend. Have a warm week's end.♥♫

Sue said...

Hi Sally....your trees are beautiful....well, all except for that first pitiful looking thing....but what a great tradition you and Bob have...
I love ofcourse the German glass ornaments....that is what my tree is decorated with...The Boss did have to be difficult and where he put together the tree is exactly where it stayed...he refused to move it into the grand hallway where I wanted it to go....Next year he tells me....
We also went against all the neighbors with their garland and red bows on the fences and gates...I hate those red flocked bows....I used 13 wreaths with gold and red balls along the fence and a fancier version on the looks great....They all seem annoyed that I went against "decorating protocol"....You know me I have to be different!!

Daughter is doing well....I go up this weekend until the 18th...then she's coming here in January....the soon to be ex-SIL is being unreasonable to say the least....But Sophie is thriving in the city so that's all that's important....
Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year.....Hugs to you and Bob....Sue.

Sarah said...

Beautiful!! We get our kids each a new ornament each well as each other. Well, there's 10 of us now and my husband says we need to stop putting all of them up every year!! :( Maybe I can convince him that we just need a second tree!! :)


Susie Q said...

Such sweet memories and traditions. I well remember the first tree Bill and I had...oye!! It was so tiny and we had very few decorations all bought from Sears on a VERY tight budget!!
: )

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, Your little tree reminds me of the one my grandmother used to have on the library table I now have in the shop. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.. love all the sentiment of your beautiful tree. hugs ~lynne~

Marigene said...

Beautiful many Christmas memories when you look at the 54 ornaments.

priscilla said...

Your trees are beautiful !

Honey at 2805 said...

Thanks for joining the Christmas Tree Party! I do hope you will take the time to check out the gracious sponsor of the $100 Pottery Barn giveaway by becoming a member of Hometalk or liking them on Facebook. Links are provided for each.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your tradition. What a lovely treat to get to see your first tree. Today's trees are very pretty. I just love that mercury garland.


Carol said...

What beautiful trees! And the memories are wonderful.
Your first tree is so special. I'm glad you posted the picture of it.

Anonymous said...

Sally I love seeing the picture of your first tree! It is adorable! I remember stinging pop corn and cranberry garland for our first tree too!

You current tree is lovely- we also, would buy an ornament to commemorate the year- we for some reason stopped after the boys grew up. Bill will sometimes buy me a pretty victorian ornament for my foo foo tree-

1st party is over- success. Next one is next Wednesday. At least all the decorating is done so not nearly as pressed for time. This dinner is for the hospice employees in our area. I think we will be having between 30 and 40 so it will be interesting to see how it goes!

bee blessed

Millie said...

I noted several similarities to hubby's name is Bob, we have been married 54 years, and have a son and daughter. How is that for starters???
Now I'm going to read your older posts to see if there is more....!!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

What a history! I really enjoyed reading about your traditions. Thank you for linking up and sharing:)

resham said...

Beautiful tree and what a collection of memories!!


annewalker said...

Wow, that was an amazing,,, and stunning.... Christmas tree! I love those beaded garland and lovely ornaments. your tree is just sooo amazing!

Merry Christmas
anne Walker
Christmas tree decorating ideas