Sunday, September 22, 2013


I've always enjoyed reading.  My mother worked and with no siblings, I had a lot of alone time -- reading was a great time filler!  Plus, we lived across the street from the local library, and my best friend's mother was the librarian.  We spent a lot of summer time in the coolness and quiet of that old Carnegie library -- nothing better in the heat of the day! 
In addition to the traditional Nancy Drew, Bobbsey Twins, My Friend Flicka of the 1940s; I even loved reading my mother's magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, etc.
When I married at age 19, I became even more interested in the shelter magazines.  Today, I subscribe to Country Living, Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, Southern Living, Midwest Living, Victoria, and Romantic Homes. 
Latest issue from The Cottage Journal
Also, I always pick up every new issue of The Cottage Journal (my absolute favorite!), Flea Market Style, Cottage Style, French Style, etc. etc. at the grocery store.  I read every word and go over every image of each and every magazine each month.
I also love a good book -- these days mostly fiction, but I also enjoy biographies especially about presidents, first ladies, kings and queens.
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This summer I have read three of Susan Vreeland's books -- "Luncheon of the Boating Party" about Renoir; "Girl in Hyacinth Blue" about Vermeer; and "Clara and Mr. Tiffany" about the Tiffany studios.  They are all wonderful, detailed, and fully researched novels.  I really enjoyed the one about Vermeer, as I had recently seen an exhibit of his paintings in Munich, Germany.  After completion of one of Vreeland's books, I always feel as though I have had a semester of art history.
I must read the rest of her books!

I, also, read a lot of fluff this summer -- five of Jan Karon's books in her Mitford series, a couple of Debbie McComber novels, and other assorted easy reading.
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This week I read "The Apple Orchard" by Susan Wiggs.  Oh, I would love to see a movie made of this book to bring her word images to life -- the house, the orchard, the food; and of course, who would they cast to be the Italian banker turned winemaker that lives next door?  What an enjoyable book -- I need to investigate to see what other books there might be by Susan Wiggs.

Every day I also read two daily newspapers, my bible, and anything else that peaks my interest (even the AARP magazine!!!).  And, of course, I'm addicted to reading blogs and news on the internet.

Is reading a big part of your life?  If so, what have you been reading this summer?

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Sue said...

My gosh sure are a reader..I can't get through a book about Diane Keaton and her mom that I started 8 months ago...I also decided to start reading my Sue Grafton mystery books as I have all first editions from "A" right through her latest "W".....I'll see if that's going to happen. Hope your doing well and hope you were no where near all that flooding....And when did you go to Munich??....I love Munich!!

SmilingSally said...

I am an avid reader, but I think you beat me. I too read the Bible, newspaper (only one) and books, books, books. I grew up with a brother and a sister, but my mother took us to the library each week. We all three love to read. That shows that mama's gift of the love of reading is lifelong.

Thanks for playing Blue Monday, and for sharing your blue.

Please come back and tell me what you think about my post.

Marilyn said...

The library in Fort Morgan was a Carnegie, but now has been remodeled so one would never know or perhaps it was torn down and rebuilt. I'll have to find out! I read a lot as I don't watch TV. Jan Karon's characters are also found in Wiggins! All I had to do was put faces to each one. I just finished Debbie Macomber's two books in her series about the Inn at Rose Harbor. Now I really must make myself read the title for book club, A Nation
Rising. It's a good day for reading.♥♫

Ivy and Elephants said...

Thanks so much for the recommendations. I love to read and find the best way to get a really good book is through friends. These sound like they can get me to the holidays. Love the art history books. Girl with the Pearl Earring is still
a favorite.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love to read, too and the library has always been an important part of my life. I could walk to the library when I was a girl and learned to love reading at an early age. I'm going to write down some of the books you've mentioned. The first 3 sound like some I would enjoy! And I love everything by Jan Karon. I'll get my reading list now to write the others down! Hugs!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Sounds like some really good books. I need to find time to read more. Thanks for the reviews, and for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Mart

Annesphamily said...

I am always looking for a good read! My books are stacked for the cooler weather on its way! I have a lot of the same reads you do here! The magazines too! Great minds think alike! Enjoy your week and thanks for sharing!

Wandering Wren said...

I much prefer magazines, it's probably why I'm such a fan of blogs - I love to dip and dip out of them so I am reading all the time.
I have just update my recommended book to The Rosie Project - the Author (Graeme Simsion) is local and an entertaining speaker. I notice he is off promoting his book in the States soon, maybe he will come your way!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Sally,
I love to read, but find that I read less and less books. Never enough time. lol! I too subscribe to many of the same magazines and drool over many a page. I loved Nancy Drew and the Bobbsey Twins when I was young. Reading is great for keeping us alert, don't you think? I need to do it more. You have been very, very busy. Thanks for sharing with SYC

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

The Susan Vreeland books sound like something I would enjoy reading. I love my decorating books and magazines too. I'm looking forward to rereading some of my favorites when the season turns. I agree. If you are a young reader it never leaves you.

Art and Sand said...

I too am a big reader, but I am not so dedicated about actually reading decorating magazine. I am more of a looker at the photos of beautiful homes.