Wednesday, September 4, 2013


September 7th will be our 55th wedding anniversary, another milestone.  It seems like just yesterday I posted about our 50th and the celebration trip to London, Paris, Maine, and Nova Scotia.  Time flies.  I'm sure that when I was young there were more than 7 days in a week.  

No trip for us this time.  We decided to redo the kitchen instead.  Nothing really major; no wall moving!  It all started with a discussion about the need for a new sink.  You know how that goes -- "Well, we might as well do this, this, and this!!"  We'll see how far our budget takes us.  I see a lot of 'take-out'/ 'going-out to eat' in my future.  Does anybody figure that expense into a kitchen redo?  Maybe we should have planned another trip to Europe.

Back to the anniversary.  I was looking for a picture of our wedding that I haven't already shown you, and came across this 'going-away' picture. 
  I spent more time picking out this outfit than I did picking out the wedding dress (hanging in the background, never to be worn again).  Where did I think we were going away to? A hat and gloves?? -- remember it was the 1950s!  No honeymoon for us as we had to immediately get back to school and new jobs.  We left the reception at about 5:30, and headed to Pueblo, an hour away.  
We planned to stop for dinner before heading north on our way to school.  Upon arriving at the restaurant, I immediately went to the restroom to empty the rice from my clothes as it was really uncomfortable.  I loosened my waistband, and the rice poured out.  The little old ladies that were powdering their noses in the restroom got a kick out of my antics.  I received a lot of matronly advice, a couple of hugs and best wishes from these friendly strangers.  In the meantime, Bob was sitting at the table alone probably thinking I had bolted from the marriage for sure.  I was gone in that restroom for a REALLY long time!

I've been thinking about that going-away brown wool suit lately.  It's sealed up in the attic somewhere.  You know how I love to find wool clothes at the thrift store, deconstruct them, and use them in my sewing projects.  That suit is a lovely shade of brown - ummmmm.  It's safe from my scissors for now, as I recently found four nice wool skirts at four different thrift stores for a total of less than $10 for all four.

Well, since I don't have to cook dinner, guess I'll hide away in my sewing room away from the dust and destruction of the kitchen, and try to finish a couple of wool projects.  

Wool project #1 (in process)

Wool Project #2 (in process)
And here is the very beginning of the kitchen redo -- first thing, that curvy board over the sink is out of here.  New cupboard doors are being made; new moldings on the soffit are going up;  choices have been ordered for counter tops, etc.; paint chips abound!  Mess will only increase, I'm sure.

This rather wordy, long post will be it for a little while, as I'll be taking a blog break.  Hopefully, I will return soon with some blog-worthy projects, and with an update and/or reveal of the kitchen redo.

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Marilyn said...

Lots going on! Will look forward to seeing the kitchen's new look and the finished wool piece. The moon flowers out back didn't really have a fragrance that I could detect. Maybe there has to be a whole lot more of them OR the location might have something to do with it as I have that dairy dust from the cows next door that has its own odor. Enjoy your break, but please share the kitchen when you are back!♥♫

NanaDiana said...

Happy Anniversary- A new kitchen for a present? Sounds good to me. You were so sweet in your wedding picture-look how happy you both looked. Life just keeps moving us along, doesn't it? xo Diana

Marigene said...

Happy Anniversary...I wouldn't mind a kitchen re-do!

Ann said...

Kitchen re-dos are quite the projects. We did ours last year, the chipped out all the ceramic flooring to lay hardwood floors and they repainted all my cabinets. It was a REAL mess but I'm totally happy with the new kitchen. Your wedding photos are priceless, 55 years is a real milestone today. We are on our 48th.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Loved the little story and pictures from your wedding. Happy anniversary and many more years of love and happiness!

Shelia said...

Happy Anniversary, Dear Sally! I love your going away picture and the sweet way you two are looking at each other! :) Loved your bathroom rice story too! :) Isn't it something that churches won't let you throw rice anymore because they say it harms the birds. Your wool project looks beautiful and I'll be waiting to see what you're up too. Congratulations on your kitchen redo. I loved your kitchen the way it was so I'm sure it's going to be beautiful. Enjoy your break and I'll be waiting for you when you come back.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Decoratopia said...

The tartan picture on your post is what caught me as I love tartan. But I read your sweet story and loved it. Congratulations on a marriage most of us only aspire to! And I hope your kitchen makeover is exactly what you want. Enjoy eating out!

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Happy Anniversary! I just love those pictures!!!!! Best wishes on your kitchen....the planning is always so much fun! Jane

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Baa baa local thrift store have you any wool :)

FUN POST! Happy Anniversary ! :)

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Happy Anniversary! I LOVE that darling picture. No one wears going away outfits anymore. I sew wedding and formal wear and the brides just wear their wedding dress to where ever they are going.
I will look forward to you being back from your break.
xo rachel

Sherry Thecharmofhome said...

Happy anniversary! Those are great photos of your wedding. Timeless classic style of the 50's. Thank you for joining HSH!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What wonderful memories and sweet photos! Happy Anniversary! And have fun working with the wool. I love the colors and patterns of wool!

Jann Olson said...

I love the photos Sally and the telling of rice pouring out of your clothing made me smile. Kitchen remodels are messy, but it will be so worth it! I love wool and the squares you have started look fabulous! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Enjoy your break and I will be looking forward to your return!

Holly said...

I love that picture, Sally! That is so awesome! I miss the days of finery!
Thank you for checking out the magazine. I'm excited! I still have a camel wool cape for you - next time we meet up. We need to tell Mary that we need a creative day with the SECO bloggers.

bj said...

Sally, congrats on 55 are ahead of me by 2. :)
Love your going away photos...both of you look so young and happy.

I've been worried about you and those much water.
Pls. stay safe....

Sandy said...

Wow! Happy Anniversary! I just popped over to say hello from Brenda's Cozy Little House. Then, I read a couple of your blog posts and became fascinated with this one. I didn't think you were wordy (probably because I am). I enjoyed every word of your story. You both look so happy and in love in your going away suit. It sounds like you've both traveled to some wonderful places.