Saturday, August 16, 2014



Usually by the middle of August in our dry, arid climate, our garden is looking a little weary.  We've had more rain and cool weather; so things are still looking good!
In the vegetable garden, the lettuce, beans, and peas are finished, but Bob is harvesting zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, blackberries -- and the Halloween pumpkins are growing.

That's not all that's growing ---


That would be our grandson, Wyatt.  He has grown 3 inches this summer, and is now taller than I am.  He spent 8 weeks involved in recreation-district track and field.  I love watching him run the hurdles.  How does he do that?  I was so uncoordinated as a child!  He has also spent three mornings a week at the high school lifting weights with the big boys.  In our small community, that's a 'Rite of Passage' for boys -- all in preparation for 7th grade football.
Every Friday this summer, he has spent the day with Bob and I.  He mows the yard, helps Bob with the garden, and they do their favorite activity of putzing in the garage.
This kid also loves to cook, so this past week he and I had some kitchen time together. 
We made empanadas for lunch with a hamburger, green chile, and cheese filling.
Football practice has already started, school begins next week.


a.k.a. Caitlin, our favorite (only) granddaughter.  This is her second summer working for a local rafting company.  Conditions and business for rafting have been good this summer, so she has gotten lots of hours.  I've hardly seen her.  On her one day off a week, boyfriend-time cuts into Grammy-time!

She has decided, though, that she wants me to take her senior pictures.  So, on her day off last week, we spent the whole day together.  In the morning, we went out for Photo Shoot #1; then in the afternoon, we shopped.  We have more photo shoots planned - more outfits, more locations.

This girl and the camera do play well together.

Even the out-takes were fun.  Focus, Cait, Focus!!!!
"I'm off to see the wizard!"                                         "What's that wire thingy up there?"
And, now she is a Senior in high school.

After taking care of both kids as preschoolers all day, every day way back when, and now this -- I'm having a hard time and experiencing pre-empty-nest syndrome.  It's almost worse than when my own children flew the nest.

I have to tell myself, "It's all good."
(Just don't fly away too soon.)

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xinex said...

Beautiful garden but the beauty of your grandkids tops it for sure!....Christine

Jann Olson said...

Yup it's all good! Good looking kids for sure Sally. You did a fabulous job on her photos! All of my grands are going to surpass this grammy's height I'm afraid. Your garden is looking gorgeous. We are harvesting yummy vegetables, and pumpkins are growing but my tomatoes are pitiful this year. Makes me so sad!!

bj said...

OOO,Sally, I can so relate. When they were all little, they were with me so much of the time while their mamas worked.Now, they are all almost grown, school,work, boyfriends,girlfriends,cheer leading,
this, that....sometimes I'm so far back on the burner, I almost fall off the stove. hahhaa...
Blessings, tho...
You did a great job of photo taking...she is a mighty beautiful girl.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Love this post!! My grandchildren are still small but I have a 16 year old son going off to camp is hard to see him so grown up since he started going at age 9. It is all good!

Miss Kitty said...

Hi Sally! Such a lovely post about beautiful grandchildren! Your garden looks great too. I am jealous of your pumpkins...I tried to grow some this year but they have fizzled even with lots of watering. I saw your post over at Mrs. Olsen's blog party.

LindyLou Mac said...

Calling by from Share Your Cup Thursday, what fun doing a photo shoot for your grand-daughter.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Oh my how I love watching my grandkids grow up! It is hard to see them grow away too. When we took a road trip with two of our girls we told them we had to do a lot of it before thy didn't talk to us anymore. (only half kidding) They were shocked and said "we will never stop talking to you!" Your granddaughter is such a beauty. Those eyes! That hair! I tell my only daughter that she is my favorite too! And those boys grow up so fast!

We have had a lovely moist summer too! I admire you gardeners so much. I had never seen prickly poppies before this summer, and we had to look them up. Amazing aren't they? I would love to get back to Colorado before it gets too cold. SO nice to know that you came by!

Chatelaine said...

You have beautiful and talented grandchildren. Your granddaughter is very photogenic and you got some amazing photos. Her hair is gorgeous!

Looking forward to seeing the pumpkins progress!