Wednesday, November 26, 2014


At our church's Thanksgiving dinner a couple of Sundays ago, we sang "The Doxology" as a blessing for our food.

Growing up and into our adulthood, this praise was sung every Sunday during church service.  It seems we never sing it anymore, which makes me sad.
It is such a beautiful melody dating back to the 1500s with lyrics from the 1600s.
So, it was with joy that at our dinner we all joined hands, and all 100 people sang this to bless our food.  Everyone seemed to pull the words from out of their memory bank, singing harmony and without accompaniment.  It was beautiful.
The words say it all, "Praise God, from whom all blessings flow."

May you have a blessed, thankful, and joyful Thanksgiving.


Susan Clayton said...

We sang this doxology every week in the Methodist church. I agree it is lovely and comforting and I'd like to be singing it in church too. I presently attend an Evangelical Lutheran church (husband's church) and am adjusting to the differences. I remind myself that the important thing is that God's Word is preached.Thank you for this lovely reminder. Happy Thanksgiving.

bj said...

This is, indeed, a lovely hymn.
I am so tired today...will start getting things out to decorate for Christmas. I don't do a the time we put up the tree and hang 20 or so stockings, that's about enuf. LOL...