Thursday, February 12, 2015


My friend, Marsha, is my personal librarian.  She loans me books to read that she thinks I would enjoy; and she is always right about my literary preferences.  I love that she is my friend in more ways than one!!

Recently, she loaned me two books with locations in Paris.  The last time, 2011, that I was in Paris; Marsha was also there.  She was with her adult daughter, and I was with my adult son.  The 'youngsters' had us running all over with busy schedules, so we were unable to meet up at the time.  But, it is a fun thought that we were sharing so many of the same places at the same time --- just not together.

The first book, "Paris in Love" by Eloisa James is a memoir about her family's year-long sabbatical in Paris.  This book was pure delight.  I loved her take on the schools, sights, and food of Paris.

The second book, "Hidden in Paris" by Corine Gantz is a novel also about Americans living in Paris.  I would have enjoyed this book more without the cuss words and intimacy issues.  Marsha warned me, as I'm a self-professed prude.  The house in the story and the plot were interesting enough to keep me engrossed, however.
If you have ever experienced the magic and love
 of Paris, or wanted to; these two books are fun reads.

My two special heart tuggers --
Wyatt was born late in the day on February 13th, so we have always considered him our Valentine baby.  He has an 'over the top' personality.  So if anyone should turn 13 years old on Friday, the 13th; and have a middle-school Valentine dance on his birthday, this is the boy!!
His sister, Caitlin, hates that he has passed her in height just a little and is now a teenager --- he is still her little baby brother.

Happy Birthday, Wyatt and love to both of you on Valentine's Day.

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Sue said...

Hi Sally and Happy Valentines Day !! Love the pictures of the kids....Happy Birthday to how you wrote that you didn't like the "cussing" in the book...I had to laugh...Never visit New Jersey....cussing is the language spoken in that state....

Shelia said...

Hi Sally! Oh, I love Paris and have been blessed to go a few times. How wonderful to have such a sweet friend to know your taste in books. Your grandchildren are so sweet and Happy Birthday to your handsome young man! My daughter's birthday is February 11th. I consider her my Valentine baby too! :)
Hope you're doing well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

Jann Olson said...

Well Sally, I'm a prude too because those cuss words get to me as well. Your heart tuggers are cute. Easy to see why they tug at your heart! Happy Valentines.

Susan Clayton said...

Happy St Valentine's Day! Lovely pictures of your heart huggers!