Friday, February 27, 2015


I love sewing with wool, but it is very expensive to buy new.  So my best source are the thrift stores, where I find 100% wool garments for $2-$3 each.  Admittedly, it is very time consuming to then deconstruct (removing darts, pleats, seams, hems, etc.); and wash in very hot water; and dry in the dryer to felt the fabric.  But, it is that old thing with me --- more time than money!
I just completed the deconstruction process on this stack of skirts; which then necessitated the need to clean and organize the sewing room to make room for my 'new' supply of fabric.  I was positively giddy playing with all of this wool for several days.
I store my largest pieces in these two big drawers.
 The medium size pieces go into baskets along with my small supply of wool felt (purchased new at a quilt store).
  I store the smallest pieces according to color in plastic boxes then in baskets for easy access.
I don't throw away even the smallest of scraps - you never know when you might need a specific color for a tiny piece in a project.
 All this fun led me to think that maybe I am a wool hoarder.  I enjoyed it so much without even starting a project.
But, then again, having it all clean and organized has me thinking of all kinds of projects to make in the future.  So, maybe I could be considered a wool gatherer.

What do you think? --- wool hoarder or wool gatherer?

PS:  I can't help myself as it is in my DNA.  I come from several generations of sheep ranchers.

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Jan said...

Woolgatherer sounds good to me! That's some beautiful wool you've "gathered"!

xinex said...

Wow! You are so organized, and they look so pretty....Christine

Jann Olson said...

Wool as gorgeous and organized at that is definitely gathered! You are a gatherer my friend. I wish I had even 1/4th of what you have! I have one measly (very small) little basket. Rarely do I find much wool at our thrift. Which surprises me with our cold winters. But then I don't always look. Will start to look every time now! It all looks so pretty!! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

SmilingSally said...

Hi Sally,

I admire your creativity and your organization. You are unique and a very talented lady! Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

Happy Blue Monday!

Betty said...

Hoarders aren't this organized. Besides, I watched part of an episode of the hoarders TV show once and they never showed anyone making beautiful things from their stash, lol.

Annesphamily said...

You are so neat and organized. Wool is such beautiful fabric and yes, it is so expensive. This was an excellent post. Thank you for sharing.