Thursday, December 14, 2017


Today's the day at the Have a Daily Cup blog for a dish addict's Christmas.  Check it out for a plethora of Christmas with dishes.

I'm definitely a dish addict ---- it's in my genes, as I'm the fourth generation of family women that has collected dishware.  And, being the oldest granddaughter, you can imagine the amount I have inherited.  Add to that the damage I have done buying my own collections.
So,  I can't just put the dishes away to bring out the Christmas decorations ---- I have to just incorporate them.

Since we don't have a fireplace, this dish cupboard does double duty as a mantel.  I love some of my brown transferware to serve as a backdrop to the usual Christmas swag.

My theory is fill anything with pine cones and you have Christmas!

My favorite vintage family ornaments look great in my Great Grandmother's wash basin.
Red transferware is also a nice background for Christmas goodness.

What a novel idea --- using dishes for Christmas dinner ---
 Thank you to my mother, Grandmothers Haines and Billingslea, and Great Grandmother DeLong for entrusting me with their dishes.  I never have to look far for vessels when hosting a Christmas party!
If you look very closely in my house, you might even spy some dishes from a mini-world!
Thanks for visiting my Christmas home overrun with dishes.  

Please check out Jann Olson's blog for more fanatics.

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Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh I love the red transferware plate with the check border and the lady in middle
what pattern name does it have?