Thursday, April 9, 2009


It is Easter week and time for Foodie Friday hosted by Michael of Designs by Gollum.
Be sure to stop by her blog to check out all of the wonderful food being offered.

It has been dessert week here at the Salmagundi household. My Wednesday morning coffee group met at my house this week, so I had to fix a little something to go with our coffee. I made these Cherry Squares as they are perfect with coffee or ice tea.

Then, tonight we had a potluck dinner at church preceding the Maundy Thursday service. All those with last names beginning with S were to furnish dessert. Originally, I planned to make brownie cupcakes and decorate them with mint frosting and tiny candy-covered chocolate eggs. Well, that certainly didn't work. I had a terrible time getting those little cupcakes out of the pan, and ended up with lots of brownie crumbs. Not to be deterred, I went onto plan B, a brownie crumb trifle. I think I like this better anyway.

I asked my 12-year old granddaughter what she would like for Easter dessert, and she said without hesitation: cake and ice cream, her favorite. She always comes by after school on Thursdays, so we got the cake made and frosted and stuck it into the freezer. On Easter day, she will decorate it with green sugar, edible grass, and those yummy Cadbury candy-covered chocolate eggs.

All done - time to lick the fingers!!

May you all have a glorious Easter with your families!

Christ, the Lord is risen - hallelujah!


claudie said...

Oh my yummy desserts and lovely granddaughter. She knows what she likes. My kind of gal.
Happy FF
Love Claudie

Joyce said...

Good to have a helper in the kitchen and what a cute helper you have! Desserts all look delicious. Happy Easter.

Sue said...

Hi Sally....glad to see you baking!! I made Ina's easy cheese danish tonight..Oh, you have to try them...I won't be posting a picture on the blog until next week but I'll e-mail you the picture...They are made with puff pastry and are so simple and so good. You need to try them....Have a Happy Easter....hugs, Sue.

imjacobsmom said...

You have the cutest helper and her plans for the cake sound like perfection! It sounds like a lot of goodies have come out of your kitchen this week! Sometimes my brownies stick - they were never my thing....I think I'll have to remember the trifle idea, I may need it in the future. - LOL - Happy Easter! ~ Robyn

Really Rainey said...

My Granddaughter helps in the kitchen too... She even does dishes! Yummy looking deserts!

Thanks so much!
~Really Rainey~

Martha said...

It is amazing that Lent is a time when we give up things, however, it seems a time when we eat more! Lovely desserts -- my favorite part of dinner!

Kammy said...

How sweet your Grandaughter is !
I see you are a proud Grandma ! Have a Blessed Easter ~ Hugs Kammy

Smilingsal said...

I love the little Easter nest on top of the trifle. How did you manage the grass? Coconut?

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Your granddaughter is a cutie, and how wonderful to make memories of baking together. All of these deserts look fantastic, but I'm afraid I gained weight just looking at this post! laurie

Helen said...

Precious and lovely beyond words ~ your little 12 year old! Happy Easter, dear blog friend.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Happy Easter to you and your family, Sally!

nikkicrumpet said...

I gained 2 pounds just reading this post. And that trifle looked sooooo good!

Chandy said...

That trifle is so good! And your granddaughter has some great taste with picking cake and ice cream for Easter dessert. Yummy post!

Kathleen said...

A triple treat! And they all look delicious!
A blessed Easter to you and your family!

Rue said...

Hi Sally :)

It all looks sooooo good! I better get to work baking too :)

Happy Easter!!

Carrie said...

What delectable desserts!
Have a happy and blessed Easter!

Susie Q said...

Your grandaughter is adorable! And the goodies look amazing. The trifle looks delcious AND pretty too!