Saturday, February 16, 2013


One of the things we bought for our grandson's 11th birthday this week was a cookbook since he shows a real interest in learning to cook.  I stood at Barnes and Noble for a long time - there are a lot of kid's cookbooks out there; but I finally chose Rachael Ray's 30-minute Meals for Kids because it was fun, doable, and half-way nutritious.  With the book, I promised him some kitchen time at my house.  Over the years with the grandkids, I have done quite a bit of baking and kitchen crafts, but not so much planning, shopping, and meal preparation.  So, Wyatt and I spent some time choosing a couple of recipes and making a grocery list.  
While he was at school, I did the shopping.  I intend to take him  in the future to show him the perils of grocery shopping.  But, not this time -- baby steps for both of us!

For dessert (important things first), he chose Fancy Fruit and Cake Cups.
This was mostly just an 'assemble' recipe, but it was quite tasty. Even I learned something as Rachael demonstrated the easiest way to peel a kiwi.
For our main course, Wyatt chose the Turkey Chili, Cheddar and Bacon Burgers.  Does lettuce, cheese, red peppers, scallions, and bacon on a burger count as a salad?  I said, "Sure, why not?"
At the time, I wondered why he was having trouble cutting up the red peppers.  When I saw the pictures, I realized this 'lefty' was cutting them with his right hand!
Cooking session #1 was a huge success.  He's already picking out recipes for next time.
So, how did you learn to cook?  Was it at your grandmother's house?

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Marilyn said...

I learned at home! When my mom worked in town I fixed lunch for my dad, brother, and me during the summer. Lots of overdone, chewy meat. Perhaps even burned! We did survive and I am a better cook now than back then! I'm thinking that kitchen lessons would be a good mission for me for an after school program at church--next year in my dreams and plans.

NanaDiana said...

What fun to have a grandson that has an interest in cooking. Who knows-he may grow up to be a great chef someday...and to think it all started in YOUR kitchen! Happy Saturday to you- Did you make him clean up, too? xo Diana

srpprcrftr said...

He looks so serious and intent. Good for him. Maybe he'll turn out to be a great chef. Wouldn't that be nice Grama? Great gift of the cook book and your time, the best part for him I'll bet.
I learned kind of by just listening, watching. My Mother's whole family were good cooks and I was around them alot in my earlier years under their influence. She had 4 sisters. I also learned sewing from Mom and one of my Aunts.
My kids are pretty good cooks. Both boys cooked for themselves before they even moved out since I was working. Youngest daughter is a very good cook. She got it from her Dad I think as by the time she was old enough to pay attention hubs was cooking since I was working quite a bit on weekends, holidays, etc. Once all the kids left I pretty much lost interest in cooking. I used to work late so hubs had to cook for himself before I got home.
I worked at a credit union in San Diego and middle of month, end of month were horrendous, thousands of checks to process and not always cooperative people processing them as they were taught to. I had to balance the branch after all the cks were posted. Not a fun job. One of first times I had to work late I got home about 11:00 at night after a really bad day and long drive home to a hubs asking what was for supper, he was hungry.
I hadn't eaten since about 12:30 so I was past hunger. Not in the best humor for that kind of question as soon as I walked in door. After that he cooked and ate before I got home. He does pretty much all the cooking now. Much easier on a marriage. lol
Love the pic of your grandson arranging the desserts. said...

All sounds delicious and handsome family ^_^ for MM

eileeninmd said...

What fun, cooking with your grandson! The Rachel Ray cookbook sounds perfect. My grandmother also taught me, she was a great baker. Loved the photos, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week ahead!

A Garden of Threads said...

A budding chief and he is so cute.

Vee said...

What fun for both of you. I'm sure that he enjoyed it from the look on his face.

Lavender Cottage said...

Trust Rachel Ray to create such a fun book. I wonder if our 16 year old grandson would like it? He's good at making KD and hot dogs on the BBQ. :-)

Chatelaine said...

How fun to cook with your grandson.
I can appreciate the lefty thing. I am a lefty and I have trouble with some of the righty utensils.

Rachel Ray is always a good choice!

Melinda said...

what a great job getting them interested in cooking and prepping. This would make a great addition to my #kidsinthekitchen series. This week we worked on counting with my niece. Please come by and see :)

Jann Olson said...

Sally, I think that this is such a great idea. I know your grandson will cherish this forever. I have never done serious cooking with any of my grand kids. I really did not know how to cook alot until after I married. I was a very active teen and wasn't home much to do alot. I learned quite a bit at college and love cooking now. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Debra @ Homespun said...

This is great...him choosing his menu to prepare
Just had a baking session with my little grandson yesterday and he had a blast!

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh my that is so wonderful. My little daughter wants to help in the kitchen, but I get so up tight because everyone is hungry and I'm always rushing to get a meal ready. I MUST SLOW down and enjoy her and allow her to learn. sigh. sigh and sigh again.

Thank you for sharing.
xo rachel

Frosted Fingers said...

We had that book, too. I got a few recipes out of it and passed it on. They look good, though! Thanks for connecting on Kids in the Kitchen!