Sunday, October 2, 2016


 Our granddaughter has an October birthday, and has adopted Halloween as her own personal holiday!  She has always loved it, and looks forward to it all year long.
When she was little she always had lots of ideas of what I could make her as a costume.  As her doting grandmother what was I to do, but get out the sewing machine and comply?
First, before she even knew what was going on, I chose to make her a little lamb costume.  By the next year she was vocal and wanted to be a fairy with a wand.  She was so tiny and couldn't keep her tutu from falling down.  Next, she was the cutest witch riding a broom.  And, then she began her obsession with shoes -- oh, how she loved Dorothy's sparkly red shoes.
Then, there was the year of the Indian -- she said it had to have leggings, etc. with lots of rick-rack, fringe, and beads.  And then the Harry Potter year about did my sewing machine in -- a lined black velvet, hooded coat.  And Wyatt wanted a pirate costume made out of the lining fabric of Caitlin's coat (satin, ugh).  What opinionated little Halloweeners they were! Finally, I had an easy year as I only had to make a poodle skirt.
There were other years, but these are the photos I found. 
 But, I think my all-time favorite was the princess bride!!
She is now 20 years old with a Pinterest board on real Bridal Gowns!
   That time will come -----

 For her birthday and Halloween this year, I made her a table runner.

Some how, it just isn't the same as an adorable little kid in a costume.
Happy 20th Birthday, cute Cait!!

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Sue said...

Hi Sally....what a grandmother you are...Sophie said she wanted to be a hot dog this year so grandma went on line to Target and ordered her sewing days are over....I loved the best the poodle skirt you adorable....and Miss Caitlin is 20 Oh My!! Wish her a very happy October birthday....all the best people were born in the month of October....mine is next Saturday and si is Heathers!

Alycia said...

That is SO cool that you made her costumes and have the photos!! What a great memory! And the table runner is perfect - she is beautiful!!

Joy H said...

They grow up quick don't they? All very cute costumes and I love the table runner.
You should sell those :)

LV said...

No matter what age we are, some things just never change.You did a super job on the table runner.

Jeanne said...

Good morning, I am still commenting on Blue Monday and I am so happy I didn't forget to visit your darling post. Your granddaughter is adorable and beautiful. All of the costumes made your sweet girl so happy. You are a special grandma for sure. I too love the Princess Bride costume so much. How fast they grow up and the Halloween runner is lovely.

Thank you for joining Blue Monday.

xo, Jeanne

BarberryLane Designs said...

That is a really adorable story. My grand is an October child, and I think she will go the same route----October is her month from pumpkins to costumes. LOVE the gorgeous runner, it's contemporary and still cute as the dickens. Thanks, for the great post, Sandi

xinex said...

What a lovely girl and such precious photos, Sally! Happy birthday, Cait!... Christine

Shelia said...

Hi Sally and happy birthday to your beautiful Cait! Oh, what a sweet post seeing her through the years and I'm doing the same thing with Carter! Those costumes are truly adorable but you're right - the princess bride costume is beautiful! I love the runner you made. Hope you're doing well, my friend.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jann Olson said...

Well how fun is that Sally? Love the runner for the Halloween baby. One of my sons was born on Valentines Day. He too has made it his own. His name is Dalan and He calls it Dalantines Day. Fun kids!! Happy Birthday to cute Cait and thanks for sharing with SYC.