Sunday, December 14, 2008


For a quick gift, how about some Hot Chocolate Mix?

This is what you need:

1 (8 qt. size) dry instant milk

1 (8 oz. size) non-dairy creamer

18 oz. hot cocoa mix

1 lb. powdered sugar

6 oz. instant chocolate pudding mix

Mix everything together. Package up in a jar and decorate with instructions to use 1/4 cup mixture per 8 oz. cup of hot water.

I like to give the mix with 2 mugs made by a local potter. These great mugs were made by Dan Masimer. They have nice large hand-warming handles!

Here are some glimpses of more Christmas decorating around our house!

May your preparations for Christmas be a joyful experience! In all of the scurrying around, take a few moments to reflect on the reason we celebrate.

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Bo said...

Hi Sally...Thanks for the easy Christmas gift ideas...all of your decor looks so warm & cozy. Your previous post making gingerbread cookies with your grands was so sweet...great memories for them.
;-) Bo

Tootsie said...

it all looks so wonderful and warm! I love the hot chocolate idea!

Smilingsal said...

Thank you for reminding us of the reason we celebrate.

imjacobsmom said...

Hi Sally, Thanks for the hot cocoa mix idea! I would love to receive those mugs as a gift. They are my style! Your decor is so warm and cozy I could move right in. ~ Robyn

nikkicrumpet said...

What a cute and easy gift idea...and who doesn't love hot chocolate...Your house looks great!

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

My daughter was just asking me for a hot cocoa mix the other day. Now I have one. I used to put one together years ago but couldn't find it. Love your decorating! I think I spy some plates we have in common!

Sue said...

Hi Sally...thanks for the great idea for hot cocoa mix,and of all the wonderful things in your pictures the one thing that popped out at me was the cute snowmen that appear were made out of paint stirrers....they are adorable, I could make those!!

Shelia said...

Hi Sally. I want to copy this recipe for the hot cocoa! Yummy!! I love all of your beautiful Christmas decorations! They look awesome! thanks for coming to see my little dolls! OH, thank you for asking - the floor is in and on Wed. we're getting new carpet installed in the living room and dining room - so needless to say, I have a mess!! I'll post as soon as I can about it.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

Susie Q said...

Such a beautiful post Sally...your home looks so cozy, so warm and happy.
The hot chocolate idea is wonderful. The sort of gift I love to receive!


Gollum said...

I'm going to try your recipe. What a great idea, especially with the pottery mugs. Love how warm and pretty everything looks!

lvroftiques said...

Sally thank you so much for the recipe for the hot chocolate! I can tell by the ingredients that it will be delish! Is the chocolate fudge pudding mix the best one to use? I see that's what you have shown. I'm going to make some up, find me some mugs, and give as hostess gifts at the Christmas parties I attend! Also love all your wonderful Christmas vignettes and collections! Vanna

laurie said...

Your Christmas decor looks so great! Thanks for the gift idea. From what I could see, you have some wonderful vintage decor, and I love all of it. laurie

laurie said...

Your Christmas decor looks so great! Thanks for the gift idea. From what I could see, you have some wonderful vintage decor, and I love all of it. laurie

Lynne said...

Hi Sally, it was nice to see you had come by for a always put a smile on my face.. I hadn't had a chance to swing by to have you come by and pick up the please pick it up and know it comes from the heart.. I love all your Christmas decor..especially your snowman won my heart...
hugs ~lynne~