Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm frustrated today! Does anyone else out there still sew? If so, are you having trouble finding sewing supplies?

I've sewn for years and years and have made everything from clothes including coats and costumes to anything for the household: tablecloths, curtains, quilts, dust ruffles, etc . etc.

Well, it is time for a new dust ruffle for our king-sized bed. In anticipation of this project, I had bought fabric; but not the necessary supplies. While at Hobby Lobby last week (an 80 mile round trip), I figured I had better pick up some Velcro. My favorite way of making a dust ruffle is to put a fitted sheet onto the box springs, then attach the ruffle to that with Velcro. It seems that things in Hobby Lobby's fabric department have changed.
The last time I purchased Velcro it was sold by the yard from a roll, but now it is sold only in 1 yard packages. They only had 3 packages - I need 7 yards. Oh well, I'm thinking, I can pick the rest up at my local Wal-Mart even though it will be more expensive.

Fast forward to Wal-Mart -- there were at least 10 different kinds of 'self-adhesive' Velcro. But, I need the 'sew-on' kind as the adhesive-type gunks up my sewing machine. They did have 2 packages of sew-on, but they were the wrong width.

While waiting (and waiting) to ask the clerk a question, I was talking to another customer. She told me that Wal-Mart was pulling the fabric departments out of their Denver stores. Is that going to happen in my small town? I'm not that fond of Wal-Mart, but I don't really relish the idea of driving to JoAnn Fabrics (a 120-mile round trip) to buy a spool of thread.

Back to the Velcro issue. It is still not solved. I could buy a 25-yard roll of Velcro at a decent price on-line; but at my age, 25 yards of Velcro is a pretty big commitment.

Here is my sewing machine in happier times sewing on yards and yards of Velcro.

Now, is this what is going to happen to my sewing machine?

Maybe, I should just go ahead and buy that 25-yard roll of Velcro. Just think how happy I'll make someone when they find a partially used roll of vintage Velcro at my estate sale!!


Smilingsal said...

I hope that your estate sale doesn't happen for a long, long time. However, I'd buy that roll and have all you need for a good long while. After all, what's money for?

onlymehere said...

You make me realize how fortunate I am to have great sewing stores near me. Have you tried JoAnn's on line or is that the 25 yard roll? Anyway, I'm with Smilingsal and hope that this estate sale doesn't happen for a very long time! Good luck in your quest.

Chari said...

Hello Sally...

Goodness Gracious Girl, I hear ya about trying to get sewing supplies! I just found out this week that our Walmart is abandoning their fabric dept. as well...and like you, now I'm wondering where I can get sewing supplies locally. I was really disappointed! Well my friend, I could see that pretty red floral fabric peeking out at me...would love to see your dust ruffle when you finish it!

Also just wanted to say that I loved your Spring transformation in your pretty cabinet! Here lately I've really got a "thing" for bunnies...guess it hit me at a good time of the year with all of the Easter goodies out...hehe! Loved seeing your vintage Easter postcards pretty, my friend!

We got a little bit of snow's really cold here! They're forecasting more snow tomorrow...we'll see! We're so dry...haven't had much snow at all! Talk to you later, Sweetie!

Warmest wishes,

mah said...

You know I'm not sure what they are thinking!! They have closed alot of the Walmart fabric departments, so far ours is still going, but, I feel like it won't be around much longer. I guess they everyone buys "ready made" only! Boy you have such a long way to drive! I thought I did but you beat me! Good luck. Mary Ann

Judi said...

Well THATS frustrating. I am fortunate in that I have a sewing store close to me and its really the only fabric store around me for miles. We do have a Walmart but its further than the department store. Anyway my fabric store carries it in the roll and you can have cut what you need.

Onlymehere suggested Joann's. Maybe you'll have better luck there. I would have no problem buying some here for you and sending it over...just let me know.

Thats a great idea making that bedding yourself....well if you get your supplies in order.

have a lovely evening.

Shelia said...

Oh, Dear Sally! I feel your pain. Our WalMart has already shut down their fabric department and three other WalMarts toward Houston have done the same. Even the closest JoAnn to me was about 25 miles! It closed and is now at a mall about 35 miles away! I hate this!! I asked the lady who used to work in the fabric dept. at WM and she said so many folks were upset but she didn't think the fabric dept. overall made WM enough money! I hate that!! We don't have any other place to buy sewing supplies! What's the world coming to! I hate this. I think I've said that before.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :(

Anonymous said...

Oh Sally I know exactly how you feel! WHen we first moved here I had bought fabric for drapes in our master bedroom. I have tons of thread so figured I had plenty- Well 3/4 into the project I ran out!! Of course you know how little this town is and I had to have gold thread- none to be found- THis week it is wallpaper paste- I ran out again 3/4 into project. We had the chat and coffee in Aguilar so decided to pick it up in Trinidad at Walmart which is where I bought it last time. Well wouldn't you know- they dont carry it now!!!

I may be interested in buying some of the velcro from you if you end up buying the roll- let me know how much a yard-


Tootsie said...

I hope you have better luck soon!!!!

imjacobsmom said...

Yeah, they're eliminating our fabric department here, too and they eliminated our snack bar McDonald's and they even "downsized" our fat lady plus-sized clothing department. AND even worse they no longer carry my little white cotton anklets that I wear every day to work. What ever am I to do????? I agree with Sally - I'm not looking forward to your estate sale any time soon. ~ Robyn

Neabear said...

You better not be having an estate anytime soon. Besides you are only as old as you feel. So you feel young right?

I went to the Walmart in the next town over to check out sewing supplies not knowing the fabric and sewing stuff was no longer there. What???? Plus what was still there was moved. Obviously I had not been there in awhile. Hancocks is in that town. Then I have to go the other way to get to a Joann's. It really is getting harder to get what you want in sewing supplies. It is not easy to just pop over and get more thread or whatever. It is a major outing. Sheesh.....

ceekay said...

I am so laughing....yes, those estates sales....what will they think! Anyways...JoAnns should have Velcro. All the Walmarts are closing their fabric departments I believe. Thanks for stopping by. Tomotherapy is a new kind of radiation...used during a CAT scan. Supposedly top of the line treatment. Aren't I lucky? I get to try the new stuff....I don't care, old or new, as long as it works!!

xinex said...

Sounds like you live in a place like where we live. We have to drive 80 miles one way for Joann and Holly Hobby stores. Sometimes it is frustrating so i know how you feel....Christine

YaYa's Funhouse said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Sorry to hear of your problem. As I understand, all WM are losing their fabric departments. I was told it just doesn't make the money for them.
Hope you get some velcro to finish your project. The fabric looks lovely. Come by and visit me sometime.I'll be back.

Happy To Be said... girl I really liked how you made your dust I will park that in my memory bank..I have tried everything to even have a ruffle on my bed..I love the antiqutes beds but such don't love the old rails on them..thanks for the great tip...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Chari said...

Mornin' my friend...

So glad that you stopped by and thank you for your sweet comments about my newest little treasure finds!

Girl, I am isolated!!! Hehe!!! We live in a small, small town called's about 25 mls. east of Sterling, we're very close to the Ne. border! We usually shop in Sterling. At least there's a nice 24 hr. Walmart there. My step-children Darrin and Danielle live near Greeley and we make a trip up there every other weekend to get them. There's a really nice Hobby Lobby in Greeley, as well as about any other kind of shopping that you could want. Many times my projects have to wait till I can get up that way to shop! UGH!!! So I can really identify with your accessibility to shopping!

The sun is out in our neck of the woods today...and we're supposed to get up to a "whoppin' 38 degrees"...shhheesh, a heat wave! Hehe!!!

Have a terrific Thursday, Sweetie!

Raggedy Girl said...

Buy the roll then you will never have to deal with this again. Our Wal-mart has closed the fabric department completely. I do JoAnn online. Happy sewing.

Have a Terrific Thursday
from a Raggedy Roberta Anne

Rue said...

Hi Sally :)

Don't be silly! You're not having an estate sale anytime soon!

I say buy the roll for the next time you need to make a dust ruffle :)


Debbie @ said...

You are funny. After much frustration in this same department I resorted to a glue gun...pathetic. I did however finally find velcro(I live out in the middle of nowhere) I bought a bunch and used it to attach various dust ruffles together. After all the expense and frustration I decided I would buy my next dust ruffle instead of making do which led to several Sunday School words #$%^$

nikkicrumpet said...

You can't stop sewing!!! Who would make killer aprons!!!

Sue said...

Hi much more do you need and what width?? I have a JoAnn's about 4 miles from me, I'll go get what you need and send it to you....I have your happy to do it. Sue.

Bo said...

I don't sew a lick, but I can imagine your frustration. You made me laugh about your estate sale...lately my DH & I talk about what a mess our estate sale will be...LOL ;-) Bo

bj said...

I don't sew so I have no idea about supplies...the roll would most likely be all used waaaay before your estate sale, dear Sally!!

Anonymous said...

Are you getting snow there? It's been snowing but not sticking here-

Didn't find alot in the few thrift stores I went to this week.I think you must have already been there getting the good stuff!!

Came home to Jesse our dog having gotten sprayed by a skunk! He is traveling with us tomorrow when we leave for Phoenix, so Bill is working at scrubbing the smell off him- poor dog is going to be hairless by the time he is done!! Actually we have an ozone machine and left him and the machine in the basement all night and it did a pretty good job- just a little whiff still here and there.

Well friend I probably wont have time to check in much so we will see you when I get back!


Can't wait to see your new dust ruffle- the fabric sure is pretty!

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh my do I ever feel your pain. Yes, we have a Walmart right down the road 1 mile and all fabrics are gone gone gone. There is white and black thread, needles, safty pins...a few essentials. EVERYONE appealed to headquarters and it did no good. Walmart has changed. And I've made literally 1000's (actually my sewing team that sewed my designs) of costumes from Walmart's $1.00 per yard rack. It is sick!
On Monday, I will go 60 miles round trip to JoAnn's for supplies for 4 Roman Soldier costumes. Well, enough of my discouragement, huh?
Have a great weekend!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

My Wal-Mart hasn't had fabric for several years now and the Hancock Fabric down the street also closed a few years back. I guess no that many people sew? Good luck!


Stef said...

Try and search for velcro. Hope that helps! The other site might be but I haven't done a search, it might also have what you need.