Saturday, March 15, 2014


If I hadn't been there, I would think this kid was born with a book in his hands.
 His first love has always been reading, studying --
Learning --
About anything and everything --
He never goes anywhere without a book, or his Kindle, or a map and a notebook --

Always thinking and figuring -- doing math problems while waiting for a train --

 We should have known from the beginning that he would be a traveler, a high school math and science teacher, an interesting person, and a great son.

Have a Happy Birthday, Mike; and a safe and fun trip to Japan with your students this summer!


Marilyn said...

Love that little rocking chair! I have my dad's, or it could have been his sisters', but it's too late now to know for sure. The students have been planning and doing fund raising for two years, I think. Hope they all have a wonderful visit!♥♫

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to Mike!! Miss B loves reading and math also...her two favorite subjects...
And let me still have that little chair he's sitting don't you?

Susie Q said...

Happy birthday Mike! LOVE the photos and the precious chair. He is like my Bill. Always reading and working on some problem. : )