Friday, August 1, 2008


I admit to having a bit of a chair fetish. I find them fascinating in all of their various forms. They seem to call to me as I browse in antique stores, and I have to really resist the urge to take them home with me. Today, I'm going to start a little series about the stories of some of the chairs that have found their way to our house.

This is my newest (old) chair. I had my eye on it for a year at a local antiques mall, but always thought it was too expensive as it would need to be reupholstered. The mall finally went out of business reducing the price of the chair. It had such a nice channel back and was such a usable size even though it was an ugly green vinyl. It had to come home with me finally. Until I could figure out what to have it recovered in, I set it in the computer room under the stained glass windows. It didn't look half bad, plus I discovered by opening the windows the sun shone in so nicely on the chair. Now, I hate to admit this, but I'm at an age that I am always cold. The sun warms up this chair like the vinyl seats of a 1955 Chevy convertible that has been left in the sun with the top down. Now that's HOT, and it feels so good on these old bones and joints on a cold day. So now, I'm in a quandary -- do I get my full-sized heating pad recovered in something beautiful and lose the warmth? I just don't know, but sometimes function triumphs over form. For now, anyway!!

Stayed tuned to meet more of my favorite chairs on future posts.

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niartist said...

Hey Welcome to BlogLand! I share your addiction for chairs, and I think we should all form a group ... not necessarily a support group, but perhaps a trading group. So if you're game, when you get tired of that green chair, you just let me know! Nice blog, can't wait to see more. ArtieBen

Smilingsal said...

Hi Sally!
I'm also a woman named Sally, and I just began blogging this past June. I just celebrated my 50th wedding anniversary this past July 7th. I'm doing that BBS (Bathroom Beauty Snapper) challenge. I'll post it tomorrow.

Come visit me and see what else we have in common.