Monday, August 25, 2008


When you live in a small town, shopping can be an adventure. Our basics are covered as we have a Wal-Mart, a couple of grocery stores, and a decent hardware store; but if you need clothing, furnishings, or fabric, it is an hour's drive to the nearest shopping mall. If I'm doing serious shopping for clothes or at Christmas, I like to go by myself. But if it is for things for the house, Bob and I usually take a day and go together.

When we go together, it usually means something better than fast-food for lunch! MiMi's Cafe is one of our favorites.

I've discovered over the years that if we have lunch FIRST then go to the fabric stores, Bob is willing to sit in the car and nap while I shop.

He had two naps this day - first at Hancock Fabrics, then at Jo-Ann's!

Now on to something we both enjoy -- antiquing!! This antique mall is advertised as the largest in the state of Colorado. I'm not sure about that, but there is plenty to see.

I loved this bench; but at $600, it was a lot out of my budget.

This English table and six chairs were priced under $600. I'm not sure how comfortable those chairs would be after an hour at the table; plus a table that only seats six would never work for us. (I can always rationalize not buying something I don't need.) I sure loved the look, however!

A lot of people in Colorado collect cowboy stuff. This was an interesting booth, which reminded me of all the things we got rid of when I cleaned out my father's garage. I did keep quite a few things, however, like branding irons, spurs, crocks, and lanterns. (In the future, I will do a post on our back porch where our cowboy things reside!)

Shown below is my only bargain of the day. I found three yards of this old looking, but new fabric for $8.00. I don't have a project in mind yet, but the colors are wonderful for my house.

It was a great day to get out of town for a little shopping.

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bj said...

Oh, I love shopping days like that!
It is always fun to stop and shop at an antique shop! Glad you had such a nice day....
love, bj

Smilingsal said...

Oh we "discovered" MiMi's Cafe in Fort Myers Beach this summer! I wish there was one close by me.

Smilingsal said...

I have an award for you. Come visit me.

Rue said...

Good morning Sally :)

That shopping trip looked like a lot of fun! You cracked me up when you said that you learned years ago to feed your husband first LOL

I love your kitchen. You did a great job with the cabinets :)