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August 1st was Colorado Day, the anniversary of our state's birth in 1876. It's called the Centennial State because it was admitted to the Union during the 100th year of our nation's founding. There are 54 mountains with peaks that are more than 14,000 feet high in our beautiful state. Katharine Lee Bates was inspired to write "America the Beautiful" after seeing the view from Pike's Peak. There are now over 4 million residents who enjoy the outdoor life, the beauty, and the friendliness of the state.

During the summer, those of us who live in the foothills and on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains experience hot and very dry conditions. After all, it is part of the great American desert. We get very little rain, so most of our water is from the high country's spring runoff. In the mountains, of course, they have tons of snow (think skiing) that stays on the ground all winter long. But, here on the eastern slope we have the most glorious winter. We have snow often, but it usually occurs in the mornings; by noon the sun is out; and by 3:00 pm the snow is melted and the sky is a gorgeous shade of blue. It is said that we have 360 days a year of sunshine!!

The first of my ancestors (a great-great uncle) came to Colorado in 1876, the year of statehood. The family was involved in the logging industry in Maine, and this great-great uncle lost a leg in an accident. He was told that the logging industry was no place for a one-legged man, and that he better go west where he could ride a horse. So, the local Masonic Lodge gave him $100 and he came as far as he could on the train. Then, he walked on his wooden peg leg carrying a few belongings to southeastern Colorado where he homesteaded. His two brothers soon followed lured by the idea of free land. In true pioneer spirit, they made a life from cattle and sheep ranching and farming.

I have lived all of my life in Colorado except for five years in Montana, and I hope to never have to live anywhere else. I'm a proud native Coloradan!!!

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