Sunday, August 17, 2008


I've been tagged by Sally at Smilingsal to list six random things about myself. Check out her blog as it is always interesting covering a lot of different subjects. Here are my six random things:

1. I have had both hips and one joint in my wrist replaced. There is so much titanium in my body that I set off airport alarms like crazy. I've even had my passport confiscated while they figured out I wasn't dangerous. I'm just glad security is doing their job, but you just don't want to be behind me in line.

2. The outdoors and nature really don't like me. I'm very allergic to all kinds of bug bites, susceptible to heat stroke, and the sun loves to burn my fair skin.

3. I'm basically lazy and have no ambition. I learned early on that this was not acceptable, so I have trained myself to get up and do something. But, I really enjoy just sitting and doing nothing.

4. In my other life (before my husband retired), I was into quilt making big time. I traveled nationally to teach and attend conferences; wrote articles and made quilts that were published in magazines; and wrote two books on the subject.

5. I adore my grandchildren. I had no idea that being a grandmother would tug at my heart so strongly.

6. Cooking is a real chore for me. With 50 years of practice, I have become a decent cook; but I find no real joy in it. The best part for me is cleaning up, doing the dishes, and turning out the kitchen light!!!

Since I'm new to blogging, I don't know six people who haven't already participated in this tag. If you haven't and would like to join in, please do so.



Smilingsal said...

After reading this, I see even more things we have in common.

It was fun to do, wasn't it?

Charli and me said...

Welcome to blog world. I enjoyed reading your post.