Thursday, August 28, 2008


This chair called my name, and I brought it home from an estate auction in 1971. I loved the shape and size, but the original white vinyl upholstery left something to be desired.

I intended to have it recovered right away. But, my daughter was a baby at the time; and let's just say, she had quite the unsettled stomach and never hit the burp cloth on our shoulder. So, we always sat in the white plastic chair when we fed her -- it was so easy to clean up.

It soon then became the sick chair -- if a kid wasn't feeling well; they could curl up in a blanket and lay there with their bucket. The chair survived those uncontrolled sick years of small children.

It finally was recovered two different times in blue fabrics and withstood the teenage years in the family room.

After those rowdy years, it was moved to our bedroom and recovered again -- this time in a beautiful floral tapestry. I slept in this chair all night, every night for six months before I finally had my hips replaced. It provided the only position that was pain-free.

Now the chair is semi-retired, recovered this time in a beautiful shade of red velvet, and sitting in all of its deserved glory in the living room.

I adore this chair!!

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Rue said...

Hi Sally :)

I love that chair too and the memories are priceless :)

Thank you for sharing your house story with me. I hope one day it'll happen. We shall see....


Smilingsal said...

That is a special chair.