Friday, August 29, 2008


Every year for most of my life, I've gone to the Colorado State Fair. Bob and I exhibited there as kids, as did our kids. Now, we just go and walk around on Senior Citizen Day! Why not? Admission is free for us "old folks", and the crowds are slower (literally).

There is so much to see and do. Over the years, we have seen some great rock and roll and country artists in concert. You can see the demolition derby, tractor pulls, and mutton busting.

There's the rodeo, the monkey act, the sea lions, and the tiger act. But, best of all are the farm animals. I loved this mother pig - she must have had 12 piglets with her, and this little one wanted to eat again. Oh, was she thinking, "Leave me alone, mama is tired, just let me have a little nap."?

Lots of exhibits to see! There is fine art, handiwork, the kid's 4-H things, etc. plus all of the Colorado conservation exhibits. Then there are the commercial exhibits where they sell everything from pots and pans to massaging chairs.

And one exhibit not to be missed is the ongoing sand sculpture, and to think it is destroyed after the fair.

After all of that walking, it really comes down to the food. Look at this booth - you can get 'deep fried Coke' to go with your 'elephant ears'!

Or, how about Italian sausage sandwiches?

I'm going to have to choose something, so I can't get distracted by those century-old trees and the Colorado blue sky.

This is Bob's favorite. They cut right to the chase - call it what it is - FRIED DOUGH!

Decisions, decisions; and wouldn't you know, by the time I chose something, the camera battery went dead. So you will just have to imagine my huge, cinnamon roll with the works (frosting and pecans)! I ate the whole thing, the whole day's allotment of calories. Next year, maybe I'll try the 'deep fried Coke' and the 'elephant ears'!

Have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend.



Smilingsal said...

Oh, I like the elephant ears.

Susie Q said...

Oh what fun! I love fairs. And seeing that Mama pig and her relentless baby gave me a big smile! Thank you for that!
I loved seeing your pictures...


Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Hi Sally! The fair is always a great time, lots to see and eat! and that little piglet was priceless! :) I saw you've been by my blog lately so I'm here to say "Hi back!" I love all your chairs, they are so beautiful and I love the history tied to each one. For me, I feel like if a piece has been around for this long, then it's my "duty" to preserve it for a while longer for the next person to enjoy it! Your chairs have had some amazing lives! Oh, about the comment you left for me, yes, my Mother inlaw was amazing sewing all these things for me, including the slipcover for that RECLINER wingback in the office. She even made it so we can still recline! I think I will be hitting the bargain fabric tables once more before she ventures back here so I can stock up. Now, I am envisioning slipcovers for the couches for a seasonal look. Do you think she will mind sewing them? :) Well glad I got to visit with you. Come back again soon. ~ Laurie -

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Mama pig is so adorable and I love funnel cakes. I think that's why I go to half of these fairs is just to get some funnel cake!