Tuesday, July 22, 2008


For quite awhile now, I have been lurking in blogland and HGTV's Rate My Space looking for decorating ideas, admiring every one's great antique and vintage finds; and, best of all, getting to know you through your unique style of living. As we approach our 50th wedding anniversary in September and my and my husband's 70th birthdays in November and December, I decided it was time I shared the way we live and love at our house. If for no other reason, someday maybe one of our grandchildren or future descendants will be interested in our way of life. So it is a journal, a record of experience, for them. Hopefully, there will also be something that you will enjoy reading.

As I said in my profile; I am not very computer literate, so this will be an adventure. As soon as I figure this all out, I will begin to post on a regular basis.