Sunday, April 19, 2020


With the 'stay at home' orders due to the pandemic, it seems that the days just run together --- even the months.  I even missed Tartan Day on April 7th.  My Scottish grandson mentioned it to me this week that I always do a blog post on tartans.  He said, "Where is it???" So, here you go, Wyatt.

I've always loved these wonderful plaids to wear, to decorate with, and to collect.  However, we had no idea when we adopted our daughter that she was carrying Scottish heritage.  But, her son has always felt he had some sort of connection to Scotland.  His DNA test this past year proved it so!

Doesn't everyone wear a kilt to the homecoming dance?

Ready for prom with his friends "The Kilt Bros!"

Playing his bagpipes in the Colorado Rockies
 For Christmas (since I am his very German grandmother) I made him a throw from some of the Tartan wools I have accumulated.  
Get ready world --- he is hoping to visit Scotland soon to claim his heritage. 

Happy belated Tartan Day to all!