Monday, December 19, 2016


Usually during the month of December I'm prolific with blog posts, but not this year.  I've been neglecting my blog ---- 
not because I haven't been doing our usual Christmas stuff
 ----  it just takes longer to accomplish everything the older I get.  
So here we are with one long post about Christmas 2016 in the Salmagundi household.
It took a whole week to put up the trees and over-decorate every available surface inside and out.

We decided to have an afternoon open house this year; so I made 26 dozen cookies plus assorted savories including dips, flavored pretzels, cheese, chips, crackers, fruit, hot and cold beverages, etc. etc.  More time than I like to spend in the kitchen; but it was worth it to be able to share with our friends.

However, I took the easy way out with the shopping.
The grandkids are getting so grown up, and are so opinionated in their choice of clothes (and rightly so!).  We are slowly trying to develop personal style.  I succumb to gift cards occasionally on other holidays, but for Christmas I like to have presents under the tree.
So, we took each kid individually to the city to shop for clothes.  They are not to tell anyone else what we bought; I bring every thing home and wrap it up.  On Christmas morning everyone gets to ACT surprised.  I've done this before with Caitlin, but this will be Wyatt's first year of no surprises. (Well, maybe one or two little things.)
Both kids look great in anything they wear, so it is fun shopping with them.  Surprisingly, they are very cost-conscious with my money.  They seem to have a great time, too; as I'm not always as practical as their parents can be!  And, of course, the shopping trips always involve lunch and/or dinner.  A great time spent with each grandchild individually.  

 December is the month of Jenni's adoption day and Bob's birthday. We have done our share of socializing also with friends this month, plus enjoying the Advent activities at church.
I've also been sewing on a couple of Christmas gifts.  I'll post those on my quilting blog,, after Christmas.

About all that is left now is Christmas dinner.  Our family is so set in their ideas about what we should have for Christmas brunch/dinner ---- the usual ham, cheesy potatoes, an egg dish, coffee cake, jello salad, broccoli salad, hot rolls, cheese ball, yogurt pie, cookies, and whatever else they think I should cook.  
Our son, Mike, and I decided at Thanksgiving time that we want something different this year.  So, I will fix all of the usual things for everyone else; plus make a vegetarian lasagna for Mike and I.  The other day my Wed. a.m. coffee group was discussing food; and they said that everyone else will probably want the lasagna, too.  Then, Bob and I will end up eating that huge ham and potatoes for the remainder of the year by ourselves.  Ugh, I'm not the ham or potato type!

We'll see how that plays out later -- family dynamics with food are interesting at our house!

That's about it for the preparations for the Christmas season this year.  Now to my favorite part -----
The week before Christmas is when we can slow down and reflect on just why we celebrate the season.  I love that Christmas is on Sunday this year -- not only do we have Christmas Eve services, but an opportunity to celebrate at church on Sunday morning, too.  Then, we'll have family time on Christmas afternoon.

May all of you have a joyous Christmas with those you love.

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Monday, December 5, 2016


Seventy years ago this Christmas season my beloved grandfather passed away on December 18.  It was unexpected and a shock to our whole family and community.
He was raised with his brother by his widowed father and two uncles on the prairies of Colorado in the late 19th century. 
 He grew to be a well respected farmer, sheep and cattle rancher; as well as an active church and community member.  He served as president of the local school board, as a county commissioner, and on the board of directors of several national wool growers organizations.
During World War II, he was honored nationally for his contributions to the war effort as a farmer and rancher.
His youngest son was serving in the military in WWII when this photo was taken.
 But, most importantly, he was the father of three boys and the grandfather of two grandsons, and me --- the only girl in his line of this male-dominated family.
He always made me feel so special to be his granddaughter.  I remember him taking time out of his busy day to bring me ice cream after my tonsillectomy, then sitting there and hand feeding it to me.

At the time of his death, I was young and had trouble comprehending the situation.  With Christmas only a week away, my mother knew I was struggling and told Santa Claus that I needed something special!

On Christmas morning, I was surprised with not one, but two Effanbee baby dolls with instructions that I was to take care of my doll family like Grandpa had always taken good care of all of us.
I always remember Grandpa when I look at these dolls; so I decided that this Christmas I would include them in my holiday decorations.  I can't believe it has been 70 years!
I hope Grandpa would be proud of me as a parent and grandparent as he was very special to me!

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