About Me

Greetings from Colorado: All I ever wanted to do in life was have a family and a home, and I have been blessed with both. My husband, Bob, and I have been married for 61 years and have lived most of our lives in beautiful Colorado. We have two grown children: Michael, a high school teacher, and Jennifer, the mother of our two grandchildren, Caitlin and Wyatt. My main blog is Salmagundi, a journal about our lifestyle. My other blog chronicles my quilting life and is called Q-Bits. Hopefully, there will be something that you will enjoy perusing. In addition to Mom and Grammy, I answer to Sally!


dorothy said...

just found your blog, as a link from Crazy Mom Quilts, in your pictures of your Pineapple Quilt, you mentioned the wind, in our lovely state, curious as to where in CO are you? I am in Sterling.


Salmagundi said...

Dorothy --- To answer your question --- we live in Canon City, but our son teaches school and lives in Wiggins up your way! This time of the year, the weather is wild and different depending on the moment all over the state!!!! Sally