Tuesday, August 29, 2017


 I haven't posted much this summer, so here's some catching up of randomness.

From Bob's workshop:  Bob and Wyatt were able to recently tear down a couple of 100-year old buildings for some great salvaged wood.  Here is a chimney cupboard Bob built from salvaged wood and pallets.
He made a couple of these tool chests with interior trays.  One he gave to the friend that let him tear down an old lean-to for the wood.  The other is currently for sale in a local consignment shop.

He made this lamp base and donated it to the local boys and girls club for their fundraising auction.
I love the twig tables he makes.  This one is sold, but he is working on another one with a top from an old board 2" thick.

Wyatt has spent time with us this summer --- he loves working with his papa in the workshop.  And, anytime he can fire up the forge, he is happy.  What is it about boys and fire?
He also did some leather work and made Scottish jewelry from forged nails.
And he had a temporary job at a local tree farm and earned money to buy a "long-dreamed-of" kilt.  He goes out for the high school track and field team in the spring, and hopes one day to compete in the Highland Games.  For now, he has started his sophomore year in high school with a school trip to Nebraska to view the eclipse.
At 15 1/2 years old, he is pushing 6'2" and is experimenting with growing his hair!!!! He has been seen with a mini-man-bun ---- this Grammy is learning to choose her battles.
His sister, Caitlin (my favorite granddaughter), will be 21 in a month and is doing a great job figuring out adulthood.  She has a good job at the local health conglomerate.  (I'm really envious of HER hair!)
Allergies and asthma have not been kind to me recently, so I have been perfectly happy to stay inside and quilt.  I finished the following small quilts this summer.
And, these four pillows for the porch.
Both the flower gardens and the vegetable garden are doing well after an early August monsoon season of rain.  Bob is our resident gardener with occasional help from Wyatt.
That's about it for summer ---- bring on the Autumn goodness!

I'm joining Have a Daily Cup for Share Your Cup Thursday.  This fun party is hosted each week by Jann Olson, who is currently battling a serious medical issue -- go by her blog and wish her a speedy recovery.