Sunday, March 11, 2018


I started this blog ten years ago, and called it Salmagundi.  I've always been interested in alliteration, and figured Salmagundi just went with my name --- Sally Saulmon.  Plus, the meaning of the word seem to fit what I wanted to write about --- "a disparate assembly of things, ideas, and people".  I have never been interested in blog statistics, number of followers, readers, and commenters; or growing my blog.  Consquently, I don't have a large audience.  I just wanted to journal some thoughts about our ancestors, our immediate family, the belongings we have been entrusted to care for, and the way as a family we live and love in our home.  
I also discovered along the way that a blog was a great place to chronicle my favorite avocation -- quilt making.  So, I started a second blog in 2011, called Q-Bits, which contains pictures and statistics of my quilts.
At my age, I wonder if I'll ever have anything new or different to write about.  Since I do write about things primarily meaningful to only us, I continue to bore what few readers I have.  Since I enjoy occasionally posting, I guess I'm still in the blog world for the time being!  Apologies to my handful of readers.  Hopefully, our children and grandchildren are still interested a little about the "Salmagundi" of our lives.

When I started "Salmagundi" in 2008, it was a momentous year --- our first-born's 40th birthday, our 50th wedding anniversary, and then my 70th birthday in November and Bob's 70th in December.  Here is one of my first blog posts with thoughts about our 50th wedding anniversary. 
At the time, I had no idea that 2018 would come around so fast, and another momentous year would be upon us.  Now I'm contemplating the 10th anniversary of this blog, our son's 50th birthday, our 60th wedding anniversary, and our 80th birthdays.

Over the last 10 years, I have written a post about each of our kid's and grandkid's birthdays --- sometimes with embarrassing 'little kid' photos.  So, here goes --- it's Mike's 50th birthday this week --- he received his AARP letter a week or so ago.  That really made me feel old!!

It's been a busy 50 years for this inquisitive and studious kid including four college degrees, enough travel around the world to satisfy most, and an unexpected career as a high school math and science teacher.
He has certainly kept his father and I on our toes all these years keeping up with our conversations on education, travel, philosophy, music, religion, and thoughts on life in general.  

2018 started off for him with one of the things he enjoys most -- travel.  He took a long weekend trip to Hong Kong to celebrate the New Year!
Image may contain: night

More travel planned for 2018 --- a trip to Italy and Spain with a group of his students in June.  Then a busy school year fund raising with another group of students for a trip over Spring break, 2019, to Japan.
Happy Birthday, Dr. Saulmon --- turning 50 is a good thing!!
This post wouldn't be complete without a 'little kid' photo.
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