Saturday, June 27, 2009


It is Met Monday again hosted by Susan at
Between Naps on the Porch.
Be sure to check out Susan's blog for a list of the other participants and their projects.

As I have said before, Bob is always in his workshop (aka The Garage) putzing around taking things apart and putting them back together. In April, he bought this huge, oak rocking chair at auction for $20. He is never satisfied until he has taken it all apart, then reglued, redoweled, re-whatevered its parts.

Back together again!

This project ended up involving me more than I intended. I'm the resident upholsterer, but only because I own the sewing machine. It's not because I know how or have any experience.

The previous upholstery was a mess - brown vinyl, bad foam, and broken springs.
I know enough that for a good upholstery job, you need a good foundation. So between us, we figured out the springs and added new foam and batting.

Then it was time for the fabric of choice - nice fabric, but on sale so I could buy plenty in case I goofed up.

The final product!

It's big, heavy, but really comfortable.

Check out that nice welting job..

The chair is off to the consignment store to be sold.


I'm joining in on the Sunday Favorites party today hosted by Chari of
Happy to Design.

This is a chance to repeat a favorite post from the past. I've chosen a post originally published on Oct. 14, 2008, about a person who had a lot of influence on my love of home.
- - - - - - - - -

Her name is Edith. She was the mother of one of our childhood friends and happened to be the daughter of the doctor that delivered me.

She was the first person in my life other than my mother that I realized had personal STYLE.

I can think of any number of beautiful homes where they lived in our small town, as she loved to move and she loved to decorate.

She had wonderful things like art, dishes, and antique furniture in her house; but it was a home foremost for a family where you always felt comfortable.

She was gracious in every way!

Her only child, our friend, was killed in an automobile accident when we were in our early 30s. He was not married and had no children. Edith was naturally devastated; I don't think she ever fully recovered.
Soon after he died, she called to say she had a couple of things that she wanted me to have, then pass on to my children someday.

She gave me this beautiful Victorian fruit dish that had belonged to her father, the doctor.
And, she also gave me this tablecloth from her youth.

She said her mother always used it for Christmas morning breakfast, as the design reminded them of Santa Claus!

In the 1990s, I was visiting with Edith at a party at my parent's house. We were standing near my mother's china cabinet, where this plate was prominently displayed.

Edith said, "You know, I gave your mother that plate when you were all babies and we were young with our future ahead of us. It makes me feel good that she has cherished it all of these years."

Edith is almost 100 years old now, quite fragile, and in a nursing home. Remaining with me are three beautiful items that have passed through many hands. I know that in the end, things are just things; however, the memories they raise and the emotions they evoke are PRICELESS.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for once again hosting Tablescape Thursday. To check out my favorite Thursday party, be sure to go by Susan's blog to find a list of today's Tablescape Thursday's participants.

Finally, my garden flowers are starting to blossom, and I have materials for a centerpiece for a summertime breakfast setting.

Nothing fancy - just a plaid tablecloth and my everyday Blue Willow dishes.

My mother always had her Royal Copley roosters sitting around in her kitchen to remind herself that she didn't ever want the real thing in her yard! She did not have fond memories of taking care of live chickens when she was young.

For several Christmases and birthdays in the 1960s, my mother gave me the Fostoria red dishes and glassware. The white bread plate is from my set of Mikasa Italian Countryside dishes.

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Monday, June 22, 2009


My husband, Bob, has a large extended family on his mother's side that enjoys getting together for a cousin's reunion. A week ago, nine cousins came together along with Bob's 95-year old mother, her 80-year old brother, and an assortment of inlaws, outlaws, kids and grandkids. Good food and lots of reminiscing and laughs completed the get-together.

The day spent with his family reminded me of this quilt that I made several years ago and had forgotten about. It has six generations of genealogical information hand-inked on the blocks. I remember that it took me much longer to research the information than it did to make the quilt.

I admire anyone that has the patience and enjoys working on genealogy. I'm afraid this quilt will have to be my contribution to our family's recorded history.

Do you enjoy studying your family history?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We have decided to try to give the grandkids some experiences this summer that they might not have with their parents. A week or so ago, Bob took Wyatt fishing for the first time at a local pond and to the river. Another trip was in order as Caitlin didn't get to go the first time. So they headed to a reservoir close by. The best part about going on an excursion with Papa is to ride in his 1971 Suburban on bumpy roads - roll down those windows and let your hair fly - no air-conditioned vehicle here!

"I'll enjoy the view, while you untangle the line, Papa!"

Patience is a virtue.

"I'm not very patient - I would rather play in the mud."

"EUWWWWW" - "STINKY" - the dreaded outhouse experience!!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer experiences.



Thursday, June 18, 2009


Marty at A Stroll Thru Life is hosting a fun event today. It is a cloche party, where everyone can show off their cloches. Be sure to stop by her blog to check out all of the participants.

I've been looking for a cloche to buy for a year now, as I love how clever everyone is in their displays. My problem is that I'm very frugal when it comes to buying something I really don't need (except maybe transferware)! Consequently
, I have yet to find a spectacular one for very little money.

Since I wanted to participate today in this grand event, the best I could do is this little glass thingy found at Goodwill for $1. It is only 8" tall by 3" wide, and there is very little that fits in it.

For now, I have tied a ribbon around four generations of baby spoons.
I am so excited to see every one's ideas today at the party, as I sure suffer from extreme cloche envy!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Barb at Grits and Glamour is once again hosting a porch, patio & garden party. Go by her blog to check out the list of all of the participants with their outdoor party spaces.

Recently, I showed you our screened-in back porch. Now, here is a glimpse of our front courtyard. This space is not seen from the street; so when you come up the walk to the front door, this is always a surprise.

This table and chairs belonged to my parents. I've always enjoyed their 1960's style.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've been pondering a lot about decorative pillows recently, as I have grown tired of my 3-year old living room pillows. Here they are in all of their "matchy-matchy" glory.

I dug out all of my old shelter magazines and decorating books, and every evening I pored through them pondering every decorative pillow in sight. I read the fine print about the different fabrics, sizes, and trims. I pondered and pondered. You see when you get older in your retirement years, you have more time than money, so you ponder a lot!

My research has led me to several theories. I have for now discarded the "matchy-matchy" theory. There is also the "collected over time" theory - you know - a new pillow every year from a different source. Along this same idea - the "only bring home something you absolutely love, then it will all go together" theory.

Since I sew and make all of my pillows, I guess I should apply these last two theories using fabric I love and have collected over time. I love the red floral and fruit fabric so much that I ripped apart some old curtains to make these two new pillows. Here are the results of this week's pillow making frenzy. I don't know - they are probably still too 'matchy-matchy'.

I'll live with these for awhile to see how I like them. BUT, I guess I had better start assembling fabrics over a period of time to check out the last theory - "the scientific method". That is a large print, a small print, a solid, and a geometric (a stripe, check, or plaid), all in a color plan. But, of course, I have been told they can't be from the same line of fabrics, as that would be too "matchy-matchy"; PLUS I must love them all dearly. Do you suppose there is a legal number of pillows allowed? Like maybe it is 21, the same as the legal drinking age!