Monday, November 19, 2018


For 20+ years, I have had this strange, little corner made by the wall that covers the side of my refrigerator in the kitchen.  It adjoins the dining room.  I've never quite known what to do with the space trying various arrangements of small furniture, etc.
Finally, with my ever-growing collection of brown transferware in need of space; we came up with a permanent solution.
Bob built and installed a cupboard that matches the kitchen cupboards in design.
Problem solved ---
storage ---
and another surface for seasonal displays!

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone.

Then on to the wonderful celebration of Christmas ------

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Another milestone birthday has arrived.
Thought #1
Both Bob and I were fortunate to grow up in a close-knit, small town with lots of friends from our pre-school years through high school graduation.
My 4th birthday party
Celebrating another party together
We went through high school with these kids, and still keep in contact and see a lot of them regularly.  One thing about having childhood friends is they always know how old you are!!!
At our last lunch get-together, they gave me this pen --- it's hard to forget your age when it's printed right on a pen.
 Once a Meloneer, always a Meloneer!

Thought #2
I had a younger cousin whose birthday was the day before mine.  We shared a lot of celebrations together.  Then, our daughter, Jenni, was born two days before my birthday.  Naturally, we've shared 46 joint birthdays.  I've never minded sharing --- it takes some of the pressure off the idea of getting older.  But, this year, a family friend sent me half of a birthday card; and said he was sending the other half to Jenni.
 Is that tooooooo much sharing?

Thought #3
I've discovered the REAL fountain of youth --- it's having grandchildren.  My talented granddaughter brought me these flowers she had arranged.  She knows how much I love garden flowers especially combining orange, burgundy, and yellow this time of the year.  
A card from both Caitlin and Wyatt was enclosed with a note about their appreciation.  I was touched; they always make me feel so much younger.

Thought #4

Actually, I am 26 days older than my husband of 60 years.  So, now we are in that period of the year that, on paper at least, it shows me to be a year older.  He will often remind me of the fact.

I can hardly wait until December, when we can be the same age again.