Sunday, March 22, 2020


There has been a lot of talk about grocery stores and stockpiling toilet paper, etc. It brought to mind World War Two rationing. 
Both Bob's and my mother respected the process enough that they saved our ration books for many years after the war ended.
Evidently, Bob had some coffee rations left -- guess my mother-in-law didn't think he, as a three-year old, needed any more caffeine! 
The leather case was my mother's to keep the books safe -- she was always so organized! Not so sure she was too serious though, because we found a note from the authorities that Mrs. Haines was using allotted fuel designated for farm use to go to town too often and needed to curtail that use!!! She and I liked to go to town often to see people and have a Coke at the drug store. She didn't like to be stuck on the farm. 
The back of the ration book contains warnings about the misuse of the ration stamps.

Lessons from the past for us all!!